The fact that the emergence of new technologies is making way for significant alterations in the existing business models cannot be denied. This shift is prompting IT to revise its role and amplify its contributions in this domain. Apart from backing the technological choices of an organization, it must gear up to outline valuable strategies that will benefit the latter in the longer term. In order to make certain that your IT and business approaches are in perfect alignment with each other, it is incredibly important to outline strapping and agile IT practices with proper guidance from the experts. Our technology consulting in UAE can help you formulate and capitalize on advanced IT solutions to augment data evaluation, security, governance and compliance. Besides simplifying the processes of implementing customized applications, risk management and decision-making, technology consulting services will add value to your organization and demarcate an influential spot for your business in the industry.

Digital Readiness Assessment

We engage with your teams to understand business needs, technical requirements, current pain points and future aspirations. We unearth areas of opportunities and identify risks. We then recommend a fit-for-purpose transformation road-map for you to achieve your business transformation goals. This is a good place to start if you are considering a transformation exercise but don’t want to rush it.

Cloud Migration

Technology migrations are necessary to maximize efficiency and minimize costs. Our cloud migration service ensures that you reduce risks and manage costs of migrating to transformation-ready platforms and technology. We use industry-leading migration tools and practices to help you plan and execute the complex technology migration cost-effectively without data loss and service disruptions.ෆ

Application Portfolio Rationalization

Your IT infrastructure is a crucial part of your digital transformation journey. Our Application Portfolio Rationalization service analyzes your application landscape as a whole, help identify opportunities to optimize resources, consolidate overlapping applications, and eliminate redundancies. Our recommendations are aimed to boost performance, elevate productivity, and eliminate bottlenecks.

Automation Readiness Assessment

Our Automation Readiness Assessment is the first step for organizations that are considering automation for business transformation. We carry out a short assessment to advice on the suitability and feasibility of automation that align your business objectives, cost-savings potential, RoI projections, and timelines. For organizations that are already using some degree of automation, we recommend improvements.

Why Do You Need Technology Consulting For Your Company?

Agile Business Operations

In order to make good use of the new, industry-vertical technologies, working with a partner who is familiar with this ecosystem is incredibly important. Carving a road to innovation and integrated digital architecture is only possible if you choose technologies that constantly evolve to cater to the needs of the changing market scenario. Leverage our tech solutions, data analytics and design thinking to delineate quick responses for complicated issues. Our end-to-end digital solutions embedded with a string of capabilities can help you amplify creativity and scale for unlimited growth.

Customize Solutions

The goals and long-term visions of a company are always different from that of their competitors, even though the customer base they serve, is the same. This is why technology consulting mainly focuses on analysing the needs of your organisation and each of its departments and designing a solution that would generate maximum profit and revenue. Test and try a set of tools and services and create a digital ecosystem only with the ones that are capable of empowering your employees and adding value to the business.

Profitable Ecosystem Partnerships

When you have access to the right combination of tools, services and business applications, chalking out a technological approach to solve your prevalent problems and the impending ones become easier.

Advantages Of Technology Consulting

Embrace New Technologies

A reliable technology consultant can help you choose the right set of digital tools and solutions like artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and the cloud technology and boost productivity, demand and resilience and decrease equipment downtime and infrastructure investments.

Data Privacy And Security

Capitalize on technology consulting to rapidly transform legacy systems, innovate, and be aligned with the continually-evolving technological landscape. Deploy solutions that can improve data privacy and security and balance investments and risks.

Resourceful Technology Strategies

Design resourceful technology strategies and implement state-of-art solutions to enhance the quality and timeline of service delivery, and agility of business functions.

Cloud Solutions

Tech Falcon’s technology consulting is aimed at establishing flexible, cost-effective and scalable workflows and business models to innovate business solutions and make the most out of cloud-based opportunities.

Data Analytics

The size and reach of the market is expanding everyday. This implies that the amount of data available with an enterprise is multiplying too. Credible technology consulting can prove beneficial in breaking down data silos and standardising it. When both structured and unstructured data are brought together on one platform, the process of sorting and analysing them to generate actionable insights for streamlined decision-making is simplified.

Application Solutions

As one of the top Microsoft partners in UAE, our technology experts can strategically opt for, design, deploy and maintain solutions. This way, you can rest assured to be guided through the entire journey of digital transformation starting from exploring services to navigating and operating with them.

Engagement Models

We recommend various ways to engage with your customers and increase their retention rate. Be on top of the list as far as client satisfaction is concerned be it for multi-year or one-time projects.

Digital Transformation Consultants in UAE

Embracing digital transformation is no longer only about welcoming technological disruptions in your company. The transformation includes upgrading your business operations with a set of technologies to let automation take over most of its processes and resultantly, reduce manual burden and costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. As reputable digital transformation consultants in UAE, we can help your organization effortlessly gain a competitive advantage in the market and stay ahead in this journey. We aim at leveraging the latest tech trends so that they can boost the productivity of your workforce, drive profitable opportunities, improve the prospects of collaboration and interconnectivity, generate actionable insights and eventually, establish a more resilient business model.

Business Process Development

Our professionals will thoroughly analyse your demands from a project and suggest the most suitable solutions for their profitable execution. Depending on your needs and the nature of your business, we will help you customise the solutions and use only those tools and services that can augment the overall value. Choose the engagement models and time spans that are best-suited for implementing the technological infrastructure.

Trusted Microsoft Partner in UAE

As a trusted Microsoft Partner in UAE that has been in this industry for quite some years now, we bring to you the best technological innovations rolled out by Microsoft to increase the transparency of your business operations and exercise greater control over productivity, revenue generation and impending risks. Our team of experts specializes in designing and implementing industry vertical solutions with the most powerful tools and applications of Microsoft. With a little aid from our side, get valuable insights into huge reserves of unstructured data collected from various sources that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. Moreover, we will also ensure that you are making the most out of Microsoft business applications by pairing their services with cloud, AI and machine learning, IoT, security practice, analytics and much more.

How Our Technology Consultant Can Help

Tech Falcon's technology consulting in UAE provides high-quality, and affordable services to outsource your IT needs and attain the much-awaited success. The business models that we offer are such that they can adopt changes and be scaled anytime. Additionally, with these digital ecosystems, you can effectively invest your business resources at par with the needs and as a result, maximise ROI.

Business Intelligence Planning and Strategy

With powerful business intelligence planning and strategy at hand, you can have a clear picture of what’s coming for your company in the near future and how can you mould the existing data into valuable decisions. Other than choosing the right applications and the platforms to execute them on, it is important to make sure that everything you are using complies with the industry trends. Business Intelligence is meant to offer a comprehensive picture of your organization's current operational efficiency, productivity and decision patterns so that you can fill in the loopholes, if any and improve customer satisfaction. Business Intelligence planning and strategy can also prove beneficial in enhancing customer interactions through instant chat support, email support and voice call to surge the integrity of your company in the vast pool of competition.