PropDesk 365

Revolutionize your sales team with AI-driven automation and insights. Transform leads to profits with the power of Microsoft, enabling seamless integration and streamlined operations.

Lead Management

Transform lead management through integrated omni-channel marketing lead flow and AI tools for efficient lead tracking and management across all sales stages.

Automate Sales stages

Automate processes to boost deal flow and sales. Simplify sales commissions for brokerages and internal teams with automated insights on commission structures.

Snag-Free Handover

Automate snag list tracking and resolution using AI chatbots to streamline handover processes, reduce response time, and improve customer satisfaction.

Lease Workflow Optimization

Utilize automated tools to streamline leasing processes, saving time and resources while digitally optimizing response times.


Here’s how Propdesk 365 can help you

  1. AI-POWERED lead management
  2. Insights and Action Points on Sales STRATEGY
  3. Ai-Driven financial and project management tools
  4. AI tools to promptly address post-Sales tRANSACTIONS


Increase in qualified leads


Increase in net deal flow


reduction in sales and marketing costs


Increase in customer satisfaction

**These numbers are based on feedback from our current clients using our platform for daily operations

PropDesk 365: AI-Powered Property Management Redefined

PropDesk 365 is a cutting-edge property management solution that harnesses the power of AI to revolutionize the digital landscape for the real estate and property industry. Built on the robust Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, PropDesk 365 seamlessly integrates AI capabilities to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive informed decision-making. BOOK YOUR CONSULTATION TODAY !


Property Lease

The solution automates lead-to-deal transactions by efficiently managing lead assignments, expressions of interest (EOI), offers, payment plans, and service purchase agreement (SPA) creation. Providing a 360-degree view of the customer, it seamlessly navigates post-sales transactions and processes, such as unit cancellations, transfers, and collection management. It automates the intricate journey of commission management for internal teams and brokerages. All this is achieved through a tight integration with financial systems for accurate revenue recognition and project management, supplemented by in-depth analytics.

Property Sales

It automates the entire journey from lead acquisition to contract finalization, offering flexible payment plan management and post-dated cheque (PDC) handling, tightly integrated with financial systems. The solution adeptly handles intricate renewal processes across various scenarios, ensuring accurate revenue recognition. Furthermore, it facilitates the creation of automated notifications and alerts for relevant stakeholders at appropriate times, keeping all parties informed and streamlining communication.

Facility Management

Facility Management includes planned and breakdown maintenance requests and its executions in a very streamlined manner. It provides a self-service customer portal where they can see their relevant information and directly request the service. Consumables can be managed with high visibility of cost to analyze from unit to portfolio level.

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