Make Informed Decisions With Microsoft Power Bi

Microsoft Power BI offers a business analytics service that enables you to share insights and view data. It transforms data from many sources to create dynamic dashboards and business intelligence reports. It is a scalable, cloud-based analytic solution that can generate high-quality, interactive reports for each department in your company depending on their particular priorities. You may examine your business in more detail and identify the areas that can spur growth quickly with the help of user-friendly dashboards. Real-time dashboards, reports, and charts designed for rich visualizations can be used to communicate insightful information about consumer behavior and market trends to everyone in your organization. Additionally, it can import data from local databases and data sources as well as cloud-based, big data, straightforward Excel files, and other hybrid sources.


Attractive Data Visualizations

Power BI offers data through detailed and attractive visuals. You can use as simple or as complex of a representation to highlight your data set when creating reports and dashboards. Additionally, a library for unique visualizations is accessible. With a vast collection of data visualizations, you can begin visualizing your boring data into interactive graphs and charts. Look through many more on AppSource. Each graphic has been examined and approved by Microsoft for easy integration with Power BI and the provision of insightful data.

Dataset Filtration

A dataset is a collection of data that has been assembled from several data sources. The datasets can be used to produce a variety of visualizations. A dataset can be created using data from multiple data sources or a single source, such as an Excel worksheet. The datasets can be filtered to create smaller subsets that only include the relevant information in the given context. Power BI provides access to a large number of built-in data connectors, including those for Excel, SQL databases, Oracle, Azure, Facebook, Salesforce, MailChimp, and others. Users can connect to these data sources with ease, and by importing data from one or more sources, users can generate datasets.

Customizable Dashboard

Easily customize your dashboard to prioritize the exact data that you need. Power BI dashboards consist of tiles representing various visualizations. They are individual report pages. The dashboards can be printed and shared. These tiles can be altered, as well as their size according to your need. Additionally, they can be positioned wherever you prefer on the dashboard.

Secure Data Analytics

We understand the importance of data in an organization, so with Power BI, your data will be encrypted twice from beginning to end. Utilizing tight permission controls and network isolation with Virtual Network support, you can lower the risk of network invasions. With the help of Power BI's supervision features and the Microsoft Cloud App Security site, you may discover and examine problematic behavior patterns. To prevent data from being exposed to the public internet, use Azure technologies such as Azure Private Link, service tags, and Azure Virtual Network. Create sensitivity labels that keep your data safe even after it is exported using Microsoft Information Protection.


Microsoft Power BI comes with the power to simplify business analytics and drive intense data-driven decision-making. But it can be confusing to get started with data collection and analysis amidst a huge volume of business data. Therefore, you must rely on the correct business application solution so that you can filter out only high-quality data for analysis and the production of useful business insights.

As the Power BI expert in the UAE, Tech Falcon is here to support you through the whole process—from assessing your needs and developing the customized application to implementing and deploying it. We will work with you to make the most of Power BI features and advantages to maximize ROI and achieve your business goals, even if those goals change as the market does. Our main goal is to improve your company's operations over the long term to spur growth and boost revenue production.