PayDesk 365 is a comprehensive payroll solution designed for Dynamics 365, to meet the unique needs of companies with a diverse workforce. Whether your employees are natives or expats, our solution addresses the complexities of regional payroll and administration. In countries where the expat workforce is prevalent, companies often struggle with routine tasks such as employee document renewals, local labour laws, leave management, and visa quota management. With PayDesk 365, you'll have the flexibility and ease of use to manage all these pain points.

Our solution goes beyond just earnings, benefits, and deductions, it also supports additional calculations such as leave entitlements, retroactive salary increases, and vacation settlements. And, when an employee separates from the company, whether it be due to resignation, termination, or any other incident, PayDesk 365 has you covered with an easy-to-use exit checklist. This includes procedures for asset custody and return clearance, end-of-service settlements, and travel arrangements for ex-pat employees. With PayDesk 365, you can focus on your business, while we take care of the rest.

PayDesk 365 Functional Modules

Employee Onboarding

Streamlines the process of adding new hires to the company's payroll.

Workflow Approvals

Automates the approval process for various business operations.

Alternative Calendar Set-Up

Allows for customization of schedules and agendas to fit the individual needs of users.

Seamless Transactions

Ensures efficient and smooth completion of transactions.

Leave Management

Leave Management streamlines the process of tracking and approving employee time off requests and ensuring compliance with company policies.

Payroll Processing

Streamlines the payment of employee salaries and benefits.

Formula Designer

Allows for creation of custom calculations and formulas for data analysis.

Medical Insurance

Facilitates the management of employee medical insurance policies and claims.

Leave Planner

Facilitates the planning and organization of employee leave requests.

Off-Cycle Payouts

Processes irregular or unscheduled payments

Loan and Insurance Management

Simplifies the process of tracking and managing loans and insurance policies for employees.

Payroll Processing

Automates the calculation, distribution and record-keeping of employee salaries and benefits.