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Cloud computing has changed the IT landscape over the last few years. Tech Falcon’s cloud services include everything from consulting, infrastructure, applications, analytics, and automation.

Technology Consulting

Our technology consulting services enable your organization better understand your business today, where you aspire to be in the near future and how to plan out a roadmap.
Technology Consulting Services
Technology Consulting
Technology Consulting

Business Applications

Our Business Application services help our customers to create successful and adaptive business applications, process automation and innovation.
Business Applications Services

Automation & AI

AI-enabled automation can save up a lot of time for your employees who can do more value generating activities instead of mundane, low-value works.
Automation Services
Technology Consulting
Technology Consulting

Analytics & Insights

As they say, data is the new oil. But only if it is mined, analyzed and processed for valuable insights. Our analytics services help you do just that.
Analytics Services

Microsoft BI Consultant

There’s no denying the fact that organizations across all the industries are becoming more and more data-intensive with each passing day. This is why business intelligence qualifies as an indispensable component in order to integrate the distinct strings of a company and simplify decision making by rendering authentic and insightful data as its foundation. The primary aim of Microsoft Power BI is to offer its users a wide selection of real-time data through interactive dashboards and reports and data visualization. Therefore, a reliable Microsoft BI consultant can help you gather and assess only the valuable pieces of data from the vast inventory at hand. This, in turn, can help you uncover patterns and trends hidden within the data to convert them into actionable insights and improve data exploration and customer support.

Microsoft ERP Software

Now that almost all organizations, irrespective of their size and age, are heading towards the goal of technological development, you cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity. Innumerable studies have revealed each department in a company has their standalone applications. These platforms either work individually or are integrated as per the requirements of the management. However, as far as Microsoft ERP software is concerned, it lets all the sections of the business starting from finance and accounting to supply chain and human resource function on the same plane and with seamless connectivity. With Microsoft Dynamics, reduce the burden of manual labor, enhance company performance, and upgrade business operations to diligently comply you’re your customer expectations.

Microsoft Cloud Service Provider in UAE

Cloud services empower your employees to become more productive by offering to connect to the applications and files they need. This not only enhances employee collaboration but it will make them feel more united too.  If you are somewhat apprehensive about shifting the data and network of your company to cloud, then let us help you with it. Focus on the newer opportunities and challenges that will fuel your organization’s growth and leave it on the experts working for Microsoft Cloud Service UAE to manage the entire lifecycle of your cloud strategies. With cloud, you can expect to conduct all your business operations on a collaborative, flexible and secure platform backed by the latest innovations of Microsoft. You can continue with the regular course of your enterprise while we silently implement your cloud infrastructure and sync data from various applications in the background.
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