Public Sector

AI-driven citizen services

Today, citizens expect better from their government but governments must balance shrinking budgets with rising expectations. According to industry forecasters, by 2025 as much as 95% of all customer interactions will be powered by AI. With AI-driven citizen services, government employees will be empowered to offer better citizen services as AI will automate their dull and repetitive tasks.

Grant and fund management

Managing grants and funds are one of the most crucial functions of a public sector organization. Without a proper system in place, reviews, approvals and contract generation are cumbersome, and also causes unacceptable delays. When quarterly reports are inaccurate, payments are delayed leading to tensions between grantors and grantees.

AI-driven conversations

Citizens now expect the same level of intuitive, conversational engagement that banks, airlines and other businesses offer them. AI-driven conversational IVR solution, using natural language-based speech technology, can reduce agent call volume through self-service options.

Deliver citizen-centric experiences

The digital revolution is disrupting and fundamentally transforming our societies. With the wide-spread adoption of digital devices such as smartphones, tablets and wearables, citizens are always connected to the world around them. These new technologies combined with rising expectations of citizens and financial pressures are pushing the public sector to rethink their digital approach. To deliver citizen-centric experiences that match, if not exceed, the services offered by the private sector, the public sector needs to engage with their stakeholders to deliver better experiences, modernize service delivery, and promote openness and trust.
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