Contact Center Automation

Connect all your channels for easy communication
Increasing efficiency and reducing costs have always been the driving forces for automation investments across all industries and eras. Automation of contact centers is hardly an anomaly, but when done correctly, it can have an impact on more business areas than just operating costs.

Contact center automation takes up the details of any client or customer directly, without your extra effort. It creates a profile for the individual with every contact detail for possible future interactions. When interactions are made simpler, it is easy to continue business with high productivity. 
1. Natural Language: The core component of the contact center is conversational AI, which helps customers express their intentions and questions in both spoken and written language. This has completely changed the style of conversation from waiting for an agent to a self-service user portal.

2. Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Has transformed straightforward and programmable interactions. A digital worker factory model trains a single intelligent virtual agent (IVA) to handle numerous use cases and integrates the IVA into multiple channels for a single, consistent, omnichannel experience rather than deploying separate bots for each task.

3. Omnichannel engagement and intelligent self-services:  Contact center automation connects various touchpoints like phone, SMS, messenger, website chatbots, and others. Microsoft allows you to smoothly switch channels as per your needs. Intelligently connect your customers to the specific agents, with the best-suited skills and capabilities with AI-powered recommendations.

4. Multi-Experience Feature: Human-machine contact is made far more practical and acceptable for a variety of jobs by combining language-based communication with - where appropriate - visual components and point-and-click UI features.

5. Enhance Action: The first step in contact center automation is frequently automating straightforward inquiries and answers (FAQ bot). Transactional interactions, however, are significantly more valuable to both persons involved. The highlight of contact center automation is "getting things done" by executing commands in backend systems (from concluding a transaction to changing a password).

6. Personalized to Protect Customer information: The Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform improves service and boosts satisfaction by anticipating customer needs, predicting intent, and providing quick resolution. Integral biometric identity, authentication, and fraud protection safeguard customer experiences while establishing and preserving brand confidence.

7.Increased flexibility: Contact center interactions are frequently less controlled and predictable than filling out a form. When interacting with a contact center, there is a wide range of methods, expressions, and pronunciations involved because every consumer is unique. To increase the proportion of successful interactions and reduce friction, contact center automation must deal with the fuzziness of human speech.

How Tech Falcon improves your customer experience with Contact Center Automation?

As a business solution provider, Tech Falcon understands the importance of effective communication in uplifting the bottom line of any firm. An easy communication channel can boost customer retention, and the biggest advantage that contact center automation offers businesses is a decrease in average handle time (AHT). Here, at Tech Falcon, we understand the importance of prioritizing important tasks by automating manual steps to save time and improve efficiency. We guide you through the consultation, assessment, and implementation processes of Dynamics 365. Apart from consultation, we also offer deployment and managed services. Tech Falcon has immense experience in implementing Dynamics 365 for specific automation needs. Join hands to ensure that your enterprise is using the technologies at its disposal in the most profitable manner and resultantly, adding to the overall business value.

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