Why Small Businesses Must Partner With Cloud Service Providers

Marketing Team
Published on December 2, 2020

As opposed to common belief, multinational enterprises are not the only group that benefits from cloud services. Although the advantages of cloud have been acknowledged ever since it is being treated as indispensable for small and medium-scale businesses only recently. While turning to on-site data systems and standalone applications might appear to be a viable recourse but, the plan is incredibly risky, slow, and costly. If your organization uses services like Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, or Outlook, it means you have already had a slice of the pie named cloud solutions.

Here's How Cloud Service Providers Can Help Small Businesses

According to reports, the general public took lesser time to adopt cloud services than most well-reputed companies in the world and the reason seems to be quite clear. Business leaders are somewhat hesitant about shifting to the cloud mostly because they fear sensitive data leaks. However, the picture is not the same anymore. Even though small businesses are transitioning to the cloud slowly, the good news is, the change is persistent. Businesses are capitalizing on cloud services to reach a few, very clear objectives which are improved security and efficiency, scalability, customization, global accessibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Before we move on to anything else, let us familiarize you with the fact that your company can be eligible for implementing innumerable combinations of cloud services. Therefore, to make sure that you are not going overboard with your cloud solutions and have exactly what you need, it is important to seek assistance from a credible cloud service provider. A cloud service provider in UAE will help you develop unique strategies that perfectly fulfil the exclusive requirements of your business and fuel its growth and success. Apart from this, here are a few other reasons why small businesses must partner with cloud service providers.

Easy Collaboration

In order to fully explore the skills of your workforce, you must provide them with a platform that encourages collaboration even when they are physically dispersed. As data is centrally stored and maintained in the cloud, your employees can update them in real-time and make the latest information available for everyone despite the physical distances separating them. This feature can be taken advantage of in situations where a group of employees from different departments is working together on the same project. The verity that digital collaboration saves time, eliminates confusion, and ensures that a worker is continuing a task from where his colleague had left, goes without saying. For a small company that doesn't have a huge reserve of resources or capital to fall back on, this could be a great strategy for accomplishing projects within tight deadlines and with a limited number of workers.


The efficiency of centrally-managed software in a company stands unquestioned. When you let a cloud service provider manage all your needs related to data storage and analysis, the tools and applications that are a part of its network also benefit from it. This is because, even if the traditional devices that you were using for your business so far become out-dated, the efficiency of the cloud solution will not be affected in any way.


In terms of flexibility too, cloud solutions are one of the top picks of small businesses and their leaders and workers. Logically, the business will not stay stagnant at one point for years and will keep hiring more and more employees as it grows. Depending on cloud solutions in this case will remove your obligation of investing in multiple applications and replacing them every other day. Bear in mind, uprooting software from your system altogether will not only leave your employees baffled but, would also dismantle the prevalent arrangement and hinder your productivity and quality of services – something which a small business cannot afford. Customized cloud solutions offered by a trustworthy technology consultant, on the other hand, are scalable and will grant access even to new users once they prove their authorization by entering the correct login credentials.

Upgraded Security

The data stored in the cloud is safeguarded by Microsoft's strapping security features. For the uninitiated, security experts admit that storing data at a central location is safer than dispersing it amongst multiple sites. Moreover, if somehow a device used to login to the cloud storage is stolen or misplaced, the data preserved in it will not be exposed to unauthorized users.

Cost Reduction

Engaging a cloud service provider to implement cloud solutions in your small business would hand over every bit of responsibility of protecting and deploying it to the former party. The CSP will use its own resources to sync files and update the data storage devices of your company without having you to play a major part. You can keep adding new members to the network as and when required by paying a usage fee that is far more logical and cost-effective than individual software.