Why IS Dynamics 365 So Popular In the Public Sector?

Marketing Team
Published on February 7, 2021

Until a few years back, people had a tendency of associating government processes with slow-paced, traditional systems that mostly depended on paper-work. But, with the introduction of an array of digitally-powered tools, the time-consuming legacy solutions have been replaced by precise, data-driven processes operations thereby, empowering both the workforces and citizens. Amongst all the other applications, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been able to secure a superior position in the public sector.

If we come to assess the usability of CRM systems in the government sector, customer service is the last thing that we would consider. However, just because the government is not directly selling any product or service would not imply that it doesn’t have a group of audience to cater to. Even though the nature of services that the government offers is different, it still has to reach out to its voters, patients, constituents and clients. Additionally, the government also has to keep track of the requests coming in from their citizens and in some cases, follow up after the request is fulfilled. Therefore, the expediency of a robust CRM system like Dynamics 365 in the public sector cannot be undermined.

4 Reasons Why Dynamics 365 Is So popular With the Government Sector

It Is Powered By Cloud

The biggest advantage of using Dynamics 365 in the public sector lies in the verity that it is powered by cloud. In the recent times, the government has been quite vocal about its interest in embracing digital solutions that streamline their efforts of public service and saves time. This is why several departments have already deployed the applications under Office 365 and implemented Microsoft Azure for hassle-free migration to cloud environment. Most importantly, shifting to cloud doesn’t call for replacing the older software systems altogether, and losing the existing data and files. This secure transition to cloud that boasts of reliability, scalability and cost-effectiveness could be brought about by Dynamics 365 alone. Furthermore, with the resilient authentication of Azure, security and network threats could be kept at bay sans the additional expenses.

Process Automation

Quite like the private sector, the government too aims at achieving more at less amount of time. The objective is to cut down operational costs and invest it in citizen welfare and yet, surge the overall efficiency of the departments. This is where automating the lengthy, repetitive processes that were earlier delegated to human workforce helps. The fact that CRM systems have been the first choice for augmenting sales, marketing and customer service endeavours is not unknown. But systems like Dynamics 365 that brings together all the crucial functions on a single platform is the best option for departments looking forward to improving management reporting and data quality, and automating intricate and prolonged procedures.

Needless to say, every department can benefit from the suite of services rendered by integrating Dynamics 365 with applications like Office 365, Power BI, and Power Automate. The automation enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning when implemented across the IT panorama of the government could break down age-old information silos and make way for high-quality data. Relieving the workforce of repetitive tasks and presenting them with the right pieces of information at the right time multiplies productivity exponentially.

Seamless Collaboration With the Citizens And Employees Alike

For an organization, regardless of the sector it belongs to, must be connected with all its imperative entities for seamless collaboration. Gone are those days, when the government did not have the suitable tools to connect its employees, customers and citizens without any hindrance. Today, in the time and age of digital transformation, the public sector too has access to these services.

With the implementation of the Dynamics CRM, the departments are being able to collect data from various sources and transform them into meaningful insights for simplified decision-making. Additionally, the real-time information stored by Dynamics 365 can be accessed and updated by users anytime and from anywhere hence, making it easier to paint a clear picture of the status of the ongoing and scheduled development projects.

Reduced Delivery Time

The set of advanced features embedded in Dynamics 365 are meant to facilitate higher user adoption and achieve greater business objectives. When starting out with a venture, it is very important to ensure that the attempts are neatly aligned with the ultimate target. However, there are some exceptions that cannot be predicted beforehand and must be tackled only when shown up.

Considering how serious and costly each government project is, relying on Dynamics 365 assures that the roadblocks can be dealt with prudently. With Dynamics 365, the chances of safely sliding through unforeseen changes in the project are about 95% higher. Moreover, if the solution has to be altered, it can be done through configuration instead of rigorous coding. This approach eliminates large chunks of unnecessary costs and reduces the development time which, in turn, lets employees respond to changes quickly and adjust the deadline and budget accordingly.