Why are Cloud ERPs becoming popular?

Tech Falcon
Published on June 17, 2020

ERP systems have evolved and have become increasingly powerful in the enterprise software landscape. Deploying an ERP software is no longer a luxury but a necessity for all industries.

Cloud solutions have been a favourite of large businesses for some time now. It is now becoming increasingly popular among small and medium businesses. Benefits like cost effectiveness, round the clock availability, mobility, scalability, uptime, increased collaboration, data protection and security, advantages are the main reasons for SMB’s to adopt cloud services.

So why are cloud ERPs becoming popular among businesses? Since ERP applications need servers, there are hardware costs. And advanced hardware come with overheads like up gradation, maintenance, recovery, and data backup costs. Compare this to standardized business software managed and hosted on cloud servers, which makes them far less costly to maintain.

What is an ERP? What can it do for your business?

An ERP software empowers you to manage:

  • Production and logistics
  • Accounts
  • Human Resource
  • Many other business needs

In short, an ERP software can handle pretty much everything for your growing organization! The ERP software arena has seen tremendous changes after the advent of mobile and other newer technologies, making them robust and user friendly.

Why Cloud ERP?

Cloud technology used to pose a lot of challenges to IT teams for a long time. But that is fast becoming history. Today, the cloud space has become the future of business. As it continues to evolve, the cloud landscape today not only has cloud consumers and provider but also cloud brokers, procurers, auditors and governors. Cloud technology today provides people-centric services in a secure and reliable way which is making more and more businesses to adopt cloud instead of on-premise software.

A cloud ERP software, unlike an on-premise ERP software, need not be maintained on site. You can license it on a month-on-month basis. Your users simply log on from anywhere with a username and password to start using the software. A cloud ERP software integrates your business functions. By doing so, this digital technology solution allows your teams to collaborate across locations, complete their tasks with ease, and remotely coordinate with internal and external teams to get things done.