Unlock Value-Added Business Sales With Microsoft Dynamics 365

Marketing Team
Published on January 10, 2021

The evolution of business management solutions in the last ten years has been an impressive one. Enterprises have accepted that switching to digitization and automation for carrying out repetitive and manual operations is undoubtedly, the more viable recourse. Apart from backing crucial decisions by accurate insights and cutting down additional costs wherever possible, integrated solutions help businesses generate leads, attain sales targets, increase account value and improve customer engagement.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one such cloud platform that unifies the functionalities of CRM and ERP. The biggest advantage of investing in Dynamics 365 lies in the fact that it rules out the necessity of depending on multiple standalone applications. This business application brings together all the crucial strings of a business such as sales, human resources, accounting, and operations on one, cross-functional dais. From syncing data from the existing applications of the enterprise to spotting hidden consumer trends and generating actionable insights, Dynamics 365 is capable of it all.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Sales

Your endeavours of recuperating sales can prove successful only when you have a robust tool that effectively captures leads and transforms them into profitable sales. Dynamics 365 assists businesses in developing and retaining strong customer relationships. The application allows organizations to record the details of their previous and potential customers, create collaterals and keep track of sales from beginning to the end.

Other than this, here’s a list of benefits associated with business sales that would be accompanying the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your company.

Generate Actionable Insights

Customers in today’s date are no longer only concerned about the quality and price of the products they are acquiring. Everything related to the product starting from its lifespan and marketing strategy to its reach and popularity makes a difference in the consumer’s mind. Furthermore, several market reports have stated that customers tend to incline towards yields that go through certain alterations and incorporate the changes requested by them over a period of time. Thus, to be precise in this aspect and make sure that the consumers are being served as per their anticipations, collecting and analysing information about their choices and opinions is extremely important.

The real-time insights and information made available by Dynamics 365 can ease out your company’s efforts of surging business productivity and profitability through sales. Getting your hands on a clear picture of what the market scenario looks like at the present and how customer behaviour is affecting it, can be helpful in correctly chalking out your targets and achieving them.

Boosts Productivity

No points for guessing that the easy availability of data facilitated by Dynamics 365 guarantees the better performance and increases productivity. Its proficiency of gathering large volumes of data from distinct sources and turning them into valuable insights is essentially at the root of amplified efficiency. With Dynamics 365 you can rest assured that your team will have access to real-time data presented through interactive reports and customizable dashboards all the time. The process of skimming through huge quantities of historical data to generate predictive analytics can be abridged and streamlined using Dynamics 365.

Easy Interface

You might perceive the interface of Dynamics 365 as something very complicated and intricate, but in reality, it is one of the most comprehensive tools out there. Additionally, Dynamics 365 assures that all activities performed through it are 100% compliant. In order to ensure compliance, the users must be thoroughly familiar with the interface and the features offered by it. As we have mentioned before, Microsoft Dynamics 365 boasts of an incredible easy user-interface that can be tackled by anyone regardless of their technical skills. Bear in mind that the chief objective of the tool is to reduce the burden of the workforce and simplify problematic tasks and that is exactly what the user-friendly interface is meant for.

Improved Customer Tracking

Not every lead exploring your catalogue of products is interested in buying them. Some of them might decide on buying an item right within a few seconds whereas it can take up to a few days to persuade a potential customer. Needless to say, your sales pitch to these two groups of consumers wouldn’t be the same. Salespersons who have been in this industry for quite some time now recognize the significance of tailoring conversations as per the unique needs of every customer.

Trust us when we say that this end-to-end journey through the sales funnel can be automated by Dynamics 365. To do so, you can affix a set of conditions for each stage of the funnel and prevent opportunities from moving on to the next step until those provisions have been satisfied. Besides steering away from unnecessary confusion, you can effectually modify conversations to suit the different needs of the consumers at different junctures of the funnel.

Automate Lead Scoring

With “n” number of deals coming in every month, it can get tremendously challenging to figure out which of them will convert into sales. Nevertheless, the customizable workflows created by Dynamics 365 can automatically segregate leads corresponding to their pre-set conditions and forward their details to the sales teams concerned without any delay. For lead scoring, Dynamics 365 relies on the shreds of data like geographical location, web click behaviour, job role, purchase timestamps and browser sessions stored in it.