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Your Data is Your Most Valuable Asset

Gain better control over every aspect of your business, sans the overheads, with data analytics and some assistance from our top analytics consultant in Dubai. By depending on the right strategy of collecting volumes of data from numerous online sources and translating them into actionable insights, your endeavours of improving customer engagement and acquiring a competitive edge in the market would see the light of success in no time.
We will help you design and implement data analytics solutions that are at par with the unique requirements of your company. Spot hidden consumer trends and patterns, and optimize your business processes to improve their efficiency and performance over time. Needless to say, regularly updating your organization’s data inventory and analysing every little shred of information will amplify the value of your marketing efforts.

Challenges of Working With Large Volumes of Unstructured Data

Unstructured data freeform information that often don't fit neatly into fixed database categories and hence are usually ignored by traditional approaches to data.
Traditional approaches depend on a multitude of data solutions to resolve the limitations of individual solutions. In doing this, companies end up raising the costs for acquiring and maintaining separate hardware & software and storage infrastructure.
Migrating data between old and new storage resources is a big challenge when it comes to unstructured data. Companies that use backup software that are not easily scalable are usually unable to migrate data securely and at speed when needed.
With unstructured data, too many new files are generated or modified on a daily basis needing daily backups. Companies often find themselves trying to decide and choose which data to protect and which one to ignore.
Replication Time
Undertaking and managing data replication process requires committed time company's in-house team, to make sure that replicated data and the original source data are consistent. 

Truths About Data You Cannot Deny

Owing to the ever-growing technological advancements, data volume, velocity and variety have increased by huge margins in the last few years. This data includes both structured and unstructured pieces of information that is collected either from highly-authentic sources or, their unreliable counterparts. Effective sorting and analysis of these data inventories are therefore, quite important to get your hands on predictive modelling and just-in-time analytics for precise and simplified decision-making.
The landscape of useful and functional data is undergoing huge alterations almost every day. Up until a few years back, a company only had to compete with other organizations from the same industry. Today, the competition isn’t simply restricted to your prime oppositions and their business approaches. In order to stay ahead of competitors regardless of their age and experience, ensuring better customer experience and engagement is a must. This is where data experts and top analytics consultants can help you capitalize on the available information even when their relevance and value are constantly in flux.

Benefits Of Data Analytics For Your Business

Businesses stand to benefit hugely from data and analytics as it drives drive positive outcomes both themselves and for their customers.
Streamlined Business Operations
Collecting and thoroughly analysing information about the supply chain can help you spot existing issues faster and schedule maintenance. Furthermore, with demand forecast, you can predict whether or not a vendor will be able to successfully handle the amount of products required for a particular consignment way ahead of time.
Personalized Customer Experience
Create and update comprehensive consumer profiles using real-time data gathered from multiple sources. Take a closer look into your customer behaviour patterns to furnish them with more valuable and personalized experiences and sell them products/services that they are genuinely interested in.
Improved Security
Let data analytics correctly detect the causes that led to data breaches in the past by administering, assessing and visualizing relevant sets of data. The IT department can evaluate these real-time reports and detect the origin and course of a security attack before it gets too serious. Apart from this, the statistical models can also prove useful for your company in preventing future attacks.
Maximized ROI
Maximize your organization’s ROI by being comprehensively familiar with your market and group of target audience. Use the data analytics reports to segregate your audience into different groups and design marketing campaigns that would effectively serve their dynamic needs and expectations.

Microsoft Power BI Capabilities

Power BI is a suite of business intelligence tools made up of software services, apps and data connectors to consolidate data from varied sources into a single data set.
Fast and Effortless
Integrate Office 365 applications with Power BI dashboards to collect, analyse and publish business data faster and effortlessly.
Real-time Analytics
Explore real-time data and analytics associated with every individual department of your organization so that you never miss out on anything.
Workflow Automation
Combine Power BI with Power Automate and Power apps to easily design and roll out business applications and automate workflows.
Interactive Dashboards
Unify your enterprise’s needs related to data analytics on a single platform. Get access to customized interactive dashboards with powerful business models and data reports at any time and from anywhere.
Save time by simplifying data analysis and strengthen collaboration amongst your employees, business analysts and data scientists.
Crucial Insights
Prepare data models, and find crucial insights from both structured and unstructured data using the latest advancements of Microsoft’s AI embedded in Power BI.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competition With Tech Falcon

There’s no denying that your company’s needs and targets are way different from your competitors’. Tech Falcon, as one of the top analytics consultants UAE, realizes this and strive to provide you with the best-suited solutions that perfectly aligns with your goals and visions.
Empower your organization to break down the large volumes of data available with it and make the most out of real-time analysis. With quality data mining tools and business applications, improving the overall productivity and performance of your organization will be easier than it sounds. This proactive recourse of data analytics is the first step towards fruitful digital transformation. It guarantees that business leaders can move forward with their best experiences and learning to enhance resource management and optimization, improve client maintenance and enjoy the upper hand in the industry.
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