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Make Data Your Competitive Advantage

For an organization to stay on the right track and ahead of its competitors, it must constantly gather relevant data from multiple sources and analyse them. However, without a Power BI expert assisting you, identifying credible channels to extract data from and generating actionable insights quickly could turn out to be a matter of struggle.
Make the most out of Power BI, a self-service business intelligence tool, with our reputed Power BI implementation consultants guiding you all throughout this journey. Transform all the pieces of structured and unstructured data available with your company into valuable assets to for making smarter business decisions.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a scalable, cloud-based analytics tool capable of producing high-quality, interactive reports for every department of your organization based on their unique priorities. With the intuitive dashboards, you can take a closer look at the areas of your company that can rapidly fuel its growth. Share constructive insights about customer behaviour and market trends with everyone in your company via real-time dashboards, reports and charts meant for rich visualizations.
Simply put, Power BI is a platform that integrates data from various software systems and applications to make way for a unified, browse-based experience. Get access to the information shared on the dashboards from anywhere and at any time to get a stronger grip over your business performances and enhance performance monitoring. Moreover, with the advanced features of data filtering, data exploration and analytics, get to the root of every problem hindering your organization’s progress and improve its overall productivity.

Why Your Business Needs Power BI?

Collect Varied Data
Collect business data from various off-premise and on-premise sources.
MS Office Integration
Seamlessly integrate with the other Microsoft applications.
Data Monitoring
Closely monitor your data to make informed decisions.
View and update data on the same platform anytime from a mobile device.
Customize dashboards to visualize data easily and accurately.
Embed Power BI dashboards in other software systems with Power APIs.

Benefits of Using Power BI

Power BI is an affordable Business Intelligence suite that is easy to implement and learn. As a cloud-based reporting & analytics platform, Power BI is capable of connecting to a variety of data sources.

Integration with 3rd Party Applications

The biggest advantage of upgrading to Power BI lies in the fact that you wouldn’t need to get rid of your existing data files and spreadsheets completely. The visualization features of the tool will automatically collect, sort and analyse data for you to generate actionable insights.

Update Data Automatically

Connect multiple data sources in your company with Power BI and leave it to automation to continually update the spreadsheets whenever new pieces of information come in. Schedule daily, weekly or monthly updates and identify problems as soon as they come up.

360-degree View of Your Data

Get a detailed view of your organization’s performance along with its data and analytics with Power BI dashboards. Analyse data from a very low level and spot hidden trends that could play a major role uncovering more profitable opportunities and acquiring a competitive edge in the market.

Boost Efficiency

Improve performance and efficiency by providing decision-makers with important insights conceived by the Power BI tools. Empower each of your team members with data related to their tasks and roles. Dig out specific shreds of data from large inventories to make alterations in them in real-time and share effectual reports.

Access Data from Anywhere

Power BI users in your organization can access data from anywhere and device regardless of the type of operating system it uses. You can send alerts to the users both through text messages and emails by delegating flexible parameters.

Secure Data Analytics

With sensitivity labels enabled by Microsoft Information Protection, your data is protected against unauthorized access. Additionally, with Microsoft Cloud App Security you can handle data loss prevention and governance easily and effectively.

What Can Our Power BI Experts Do for Your Business?

Rightly implement Power BI along with Power Automate, Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents for establishing a potent business intelligence setup.
User Adoption
Empower all of your users with Power BI’s user-friendly interface for them to efficaciously spot hidden consumer and market patterns.
Data Security
Strengthen data security and compliance with Power BI’s implementation and post-implementation regulations.

Your Trusted Power BI Partner in the UAE 

The data inventory of an organization expands almost every day - courtesy, automation. It is natural for your business to lose its way amidst such large volumes data, all the more when they are derived from multiple standalone applications. Therefore, for you to skim out only high-grade data to analyse and produce actionable business insights, depending on the right business application service is incredibly important.
As one of the most trustworthy Power BI partners in the UAE, Tech Falcon will assist you throughout the process from designing the solution to implementing and deploying it. We will help you capitalize on all the features and benefits of Power BI to maximize ROI and fulfil your business objectives even if they keep changing with market fluctuations. Our chief purpose is to transform your business operations in the long term to catalyse your company’s growth and increase revenue generation.
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