Reshaping the Future of Real Estate With Data Analytics

Marketing Team
Published on November 22, 2020

Data analytics, undoubtedly, is the unsung hero of the real estate industry. Designing property listings advertisements and influencing their potential clients to invest in assets is not an easy or straightforward thing to do. The brokers and investors, on the other hand, need to get their hands on reliable pieces of data to make informed decisions regarding the procurement of properties.

Data analytics brought along with itself a transformative impact that changed the fate of all industries for the better, including real estate. In the present day, data analytics is being capitalized on in the realms of real estate to minimize risks and increase profit margins. The data collected through commercial real estate tools along with advanced technologies is making way for a revolution that was long due to the industry.

What is Real Estate Data Analytics?

Real estate analytics, as evident from the name itself, is the course of analyzing raw data derived from reliable sources to spot hidden patterns and trends and gain valuable insights to make decision-making easier. The assessment is conducted via specialized software, tools, and applications that can be customized according to the needs of the real estate agents and investors.

The data could be obtained from sources like business surveys, consumer feedbacks, census figures, public databases, and information available online. Understandably, data analytics can aid agents and companies in improving employee performance and efficiency and customer support, increase revenue generation, optimizing marketing efforts, and seamlessly complying with industry trends as soon as they are rolled out.

How can Data Analytics help the Real Estate industry?

Doorway To Valuable Insights

In order to stay ahead of your competitors, chalking out unique strategies to magnetize the attention of your clients is not enough. In fact, the chances of failure could be higher for your newly-formulated strategy, if it is based on random data and sheer guesswork. Considering how vast and flexible the gamut of the internet is, getting access to large volumes of data is not the point of concern. Instead, it is the ability to skim through them, pull out the shreds that matter, and notice the commonalities that count.

Advanced data analytics in Dubai can help you dodge such hurdles and locate trends that missed the eye of the industry experts. If treated seriously, these insights could be used to ascertain the impacts of certain factors that keep changing from time to time.

Location And Price

Data analytics will provide you with a deeper and more detailed view of the trends in the real estate industry and correspondingly, help you figure out which locations have the most profitable properties based on their rental income, ratings, flood maps, traffic, and ROI. Furthermore, price optimization is also something that you can hope to attain with data analytics. Bear in mind, it is not always smart buying and selling of properties that will place you at the top of the game and yield maximum profit. Rather, the small decisions at every step starting from rental data to past statistics and taxes can swell your revenue generation and save time during property hunting.


The biggest boon of data analytics tools has to be their feature of marketing automation. Now that the size of the industry is multiplying by the day, it is imperative to lift the burden from the employees' shoulders and let technology deal with it. An industry that was previously focused on labor-intensive procedures of gathering and data and analyzing them has now realized that offloading the tasks to machine learning algorithms will inevitably render faster and more accurate results. This spares the workforce of the industry from investing time and losing their minds over the complicated areas and the focus on the more challenging tasks.

Taking the Non-traditional Data Types Into Consideration

With data analytics, you can have a bird's eye view of the non-traditional data that influence the price and demand of property too. For instance, if someone is looking for an affordable property in the suburbs, and there are a handful of options, the scanning procedure will involve deliberating on points like how far the market is if there are any entertainment zones around the building or not, and such others. If the health of a property looks good, there's a chance that it will be selling at a higher price. But the question is, is the property really worth the price owing to its residential facilities, neighborhood, and people's opinions on the review platforms who have lived there before.

Cracking the Code of Success

Data analytics can help you take a closer look at the success trends of your competitors and resultantly find out which of them are hailed as the most reliable ones and why. As an investor, you can employ the tools to compare customer reviews to find out if you are lagging in terms of consumer satisfaction, sales figures, and profit margins.