PropDesk 365

Embrace the NextGen advanced Microsoft Dynamics integrated property and facility management solution.

Cost-effective and Efficient Cloud Solutions

PropDesk 365 is especially designed for the digital requirements of the real estate and property industry. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, PropDesk 365 helps you in managing multiple properties, tenants, and maintenance work at one centralized portal. PropDesk 365 helps you in managing multiple properties, tenants, and maintenance work at one centralized portal. The single, integrated solution provides complete transparency, accurate analytics, and detailed property management reports including opportunity, unit availability, tenancy, maintenance, payment, and revenue reports. This helps property owners and managers to make more informed decisions based on consistent real-time views of their properties.  

Property Sales

It helps in streamlining the sales pipeline by creating more leads and automatically updating them on the system. You can create separate sections for Residential and Commercial sales. Manage your lead booking and multiple Payment Plans efficiently. With PropDesk 365 you can also upgrade and manage your post-sale documents and payments. 

Property Lease

PropDesk 365 automates the most time-consuming aspects of the lease process, optimizes complex charges and reconciliations, and ensures compliance with the most modern accounting standards. It provides tools to manage both lessor and lessee accounting processes. It can create automated notices or alerts for various stakeholders at relevant times.

Facility Management

Facility Management includes planned and breakdown maintenance requests and its executions in a very streamlined manner. It provides a self-service customer portal where they can see their relevant information and directly request the service. Consumables can be managed with high visibility of cost to analyze from unit to portfolio level.

How can Tech Falcon help you in Property Management?

Tech Falcon focuses on offering solutions that can improve the occupancy rate and long-term sustainability of facilities. Apart from building customised management solutions to meet the specific demands of our clients, we guide them through the entire process starting from designing and implementation of the solutions to management and optimization of all the operations involved. In order to ensure that your enterprise is using the technologies at its disposal in the most profitable manner and resultantly, adding to the overall business value, the right consultant is the most essential choice. The digital infrastructure implemented by Tech Falcon evaluates the current application framework of your organisation and assists in formulating smarter decisions.
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