Power BI to Understand the Impacts of COVID-19

Marketing Team
Published on October 21, 2020

For over six months now we are dealing with the global pandemic, COVID-19, and ever since, a large portion of the world’s population and industries have been affected in some way or the other. From sealing of state and country borders to cancellation of significant events, everything across the globe came to a halt for many months. Even though the present situation seems better than what they were in March-July ’20, the impacts and uncertainty of the pandemic are still looming large and must be measured with business applications like Microsoft BI dashboards. 

The economic fluctuations driven by COVID-19 have severely obstructed innumerable companies and business sectors. In order to precisely evaluate the directions in which your organization is heading towards, you must have a reliable analysis tool like Microsoft BI dashboard at your disposal. For the uninitiated, Power BI, today, is one of the fastest-growing business intelligence tools and is meant to render the users with meaningful insights into important data. This is why, apart from the multinational companies, some of the government organizations too are putting their trust on Microsoft BI dashboards to share the COVID-19 data with their citizens. 

Ways in which Microsoft BI dashboards are helping organizations to tackle the consequences of COVID-19

Sharing detailed reports generated by Microsoft BI dashboards with the wider community

Every organization starting from the government and non-profit ones to the enterprises, suddenly have a huge inventory of data to sort and update regularly. The problem arises when none of the data remains static for even for a few minutes; they are constantly undergoing changes thus, making it almost impossible to predict the results. Gathering, assessing, and communicating the data available with the company to a wider audience is promoted through interactive reports and Microsoft BI Dashboards. Microsoft BI is capable of processing large amounts of data as they are revised in real-time and conveying it across the entire business and its audience.

Microsoft BI dashboards allow businesses continuity 

When an organization has access to every little piece of detail regarding the changes that COVID-19 brought along with itself, and the difficulties that are blocking their way currently, a lot of their approaches become smoother. Most of all, delineating contingency plans and ensuring that the momentum of the business is maintained despite the deviations, appear to be achievable tasks. Capitalizing on the features of Microsoft BI dashboards can offer the company a clear picture of its competence in adapting to the interruptions caused by the pandemic both internally and externally. Additionally, with Microsoft Power BI a business can also formulate exclusive strategies for the leaders to support new ways of working (remote working or the like) so that the pace and morale of employees are not hampered.

Identifying risks with Microsoft BI dashboards 

Considering how volatile the circumstances are right now, companies must put in their best efforts to identify risks as soon as possible and allocate resources according to their scale and seriousness. Changes like shifting the staff or, head offices for that matter to some other geographical location to contain the virus, delegating funds to the workforce so that they can procure the necessary equipment, building a team that would provide constant support and guidance to the employees working from home, can go a long way. Microsoft has collaborated with its partners in the UK to collect as much COVID-19 data through Microsoft BI dashboards as they can and mark the spots that are most vulnerable. These solutions have been founded on the Azure Cloud Platform which can accommodate data from various sources and update them on a single dashboard. Depending on their relevance, Microsoft BI dashboards can assist in publishing the data selectively for the community to know about the latest developments.

Helping others to understand the crisis with Microsoft BI dashboards 

Features like data tracking and publishing to the web make Microsoft BI dashboards one of the wisest business solution alternatives spreading awareness amongst the workforce and customers. Different organizations from the same field can come together and prepare interactive reports with Microsoft BI dashboards and aid growing entities to visualize the landscape better and analyze the impact the virus has and is causing. Besides furnishing the businesses with valuable data about the health of the COVID-19 curve, the contextual information will inevitably prompt the employees to identify where they are on the curve and how the future looks a few months from now.

Government Organizations Can Accurately Measure the Effects Of COVID-19 On Local Employment With Microsoft BI Dashboards 

Every organization in the market is presently focusing on just one thing, and that is, the extent to which the global pandemic is disrupting the local economy. Accept it or not, before we glance at the larger picture and ensure that all its elements are in their proper places, we must invest our attention in figuring out the economic state capsuling us.

Microsoft BI dashboards have emerged as the most credible tool for accumulating historical employment data and fortifying the organization with early indicators of unemployment risks so that the employees are aware of their existing position and can chalk out measures accordingly. Moreover, Microsoft BI dashboards can formulate visualizations that will allow the companies to gauge the ways in which their prevalent and potential customers could be affected. This data collected from Microsoft BI dashboards, in turn, will help the company decide whether it should preserve its workforce or let some of its employees go so that it can save up some of its resources for such testing times ahead.

Till date, several public sector organizations have accepted that Microsoft BI dasboards have played a major role in all these months to visualize data, breakdown the silos in the organization by facilitating seamless communication, recognizing hidden patterns, and transforming them into stories that would encourage both the customers and employees to spend some time on them and think. With Microsoft BI dashboards, you will be spared from worrying about your workers wasting time switching between the stand-alone applications as everything will be presented through quantitative data and spreadsheets so that the data can be accessed from wherever and whenever one wants.