Pathway to Increase Sales: Sync your CRM to LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Marketing Team
Published on November 21, 2021

The sales landscape has been changed by social selling, which has made it easier than ever to engage with prospects and discovers leads organically. LinkedIn has long been a popular and effective location to find and nurture sales prospects, as it is the standard social platform for professional networks and partnerships. LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives sales teams even more capacity to find leads and manage their pipelines more efficiently and effectively.

To see if LinkedIn Sales Navigator is perfect for you here's all you need to know about it.

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sales management solution for generating leads and prospecting sales on the LinkedIn platform. Sales Navigator comes in three separate editions, each with its own set of features, but they all allow users to search for, connect with, and save prospects within their LinkedIn account, as well as integrate with various CRM packages. If you have a sales staff, you most likely already have a number of tools and technology that they utilize on a daily basis. LinkedIn products are ranked first on the list of sales intelligence tools by 74% of B2B sales teams (LinkedIn). With 40% of LinkedIn's 260 million active users accessing their accounts on a daily basis. Emails and phone conversations are no longer sufficient in today's age of digital selling. Prospects are either too busy or unavailable to conduct sales calls, and emails are drowning in a sea of competing offers. Sales teams can put faces to names, be more purposeful with their messaging, and be smarter about who they reach out to with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Additionally, Sales Navigator can be a useful tool for fostering sales and marketing alignment in a single platform. And when it comes to Sales and Marketing, we got to discuss CRM features as most businesses are familiar with CRM capabilities.

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator CRM Sync?

CRM solution is used by most businesses to store all customer records and conduct customer connections. CRM Sync provides you with the capability to connect with the LinkedIn Sales Solution to match with People and Companies to your existing leads, contacts, and accounts in the CRM. By enabling CRM Sync you can get access to important CRM features including Auto-Save, Activity Writeback, ROI Reporting, CRM Badges & Search Filtering, and more.

  • Auto-Save— Automatically saves Accounts and Contacts linked with Open Opportunities for Opportunity Owners, eliminating the need for a manual step and ensuring that those owners receive the most up-to-date Alerts on their most critical Accounts and Contacts.
  • CRM Badges — Allows for direct access between Sales Navigator and related MS Dynamics records by enabling linkages to the CRM from the Sales Navigator UI.
  • Activity Writeback — Allows Sales Navigator administrators to turn on Activity Writeback. Users of Sales Navigator can track InMails, messages, phone conversations, notes, and Smart Links views back to CRM with a single click. It also remembers the setting for the next InMail or notes once activated per user.
  • Contact Information — Displays contact information from the CRM on Sales Navigator Lead pages, saving time and effort for users working in Sales Navigator.
  • Search Filters – Enables a new search filter that allows you to limit lead search results to only those contacts in your CRM or those who aren't.
  • Seat Assignment — This feature enables Sales Navigator administrators to assign seats based on CRM users.


How does CRM integration with Sales Navigator work?

The CRM Sync (& Activity Writeback) is a bi-directional data exchange between Sales Navigator (LinkedIn) and your CRM that relies on secure, dedicated APIs. Between Microsoft Dynamics and LinkedIn, data is protected in transit using TLS using specific APIs. You can authenticate a single administrator or System integration account that acts on behalf of users, ensuring that clients retain control over their data and that end users have a consistent experience. As a result, LinkedIn has no access to the member's CRM credentials, and the administrator can remove the access token at any moment using Sales Navigator Admin settings or the service provider's Microsoft Dynamics application permission flow.

“ Your network is your net worth “

-Porter Gale

What is imported from the CRM into Sales Navigator?

Sales Navigator imports/downloads data from the CRM for Opportunities, Contacts, Activity Pointers, Accounts, Teams, and Leads. This information is analyzed to find persons and businesses that are similar on LinkedIn and in your CRM. Matches are made using a scoring methodology that considers a range of factors such as names, contact information, and location. In a hassle-free way, you can gain access to potential sales and create alerts under centralized access. The imported CRM data is used by the end-user to swiftly sync their relevant Accounts and Contacts, as well as to fuel optimal usage of our Sales Navigator capabilities with better notifications, search, and fast centralized access to contact information. Furthermore, the imported CRM data is used to ensure that activities done in Sales Navigator are accurately and instantly recorded in CRM, ensuring that no information is lost and that Sales Teams do not have to repeat operations. With your permission, LinkedIn may analyze and provide you with unique ROI reporting based on your imported CRM data.

CRM, Data Import

  • Import and Matching Strategy

Imported data is stored with the LinkedIn database under optimum security.

  1. Matched accounts - The "CRM" badge/link will be displayed on matched CRM Accounts and Leads, and those that are related to an open Opportunity will be auto-saved in Sales Navigator for the Opportunity Owner. With a CRM badge, you can directly access the dynamics 365 CRM documentation with just one click. All Sales Navigator users see the "CRM Badge" badge, even if they don't have authorization to view the matching object in the CRM (permissions limit access in CRM).
  2. Unmatched Records – CRM records that have not been matched will not display a CRM badge; however, users can manually create matches from within the CRM using the Embedded Profile (Display Widget) integration; matches created this way will be saved and visible to all users on the Sales Navigator contract.
  3. Incorrect Matches — If incorrect matches are discovered, users can manually re-match to the right Sales Navigator Lead/Account from within the CRM utilizing the Embedded Profile (Display Widgets) connection on an individual basis – this match will be saved for all users on the contract.
  • Frequency of Data Import

Sales Navigator pulls updates/changes/new information every 12 hours and imports it once during the initial configuration as well as on a daily basis. When new data is imported, it is processed to add new badges, contact information, store Leads/Accounts automatically, and update search filters. Admins in Sales Navigator can check the timestamp in Admin Settings to see when the latest CRM sync occurred.

The Bulk APIs are used by Sales Navigator for the majority of its API calls to Microsoft Dynamics. This enables call batching and decreases the overall number of API calls, lowering the risk of exceeding CRM API restrictions.

  • Data Export through Activity Writeback

In Sales Navigator you can enable Activity Writeback which would allow users to check Inmails, messages, phone calls, notes, and Smart Links views back to CRM. Select Sales Navigator actions (Notes, InMails, Messages, Notes, Phone Calls, Smart Links views) can be written back to the corresponding Account/Contact/Lead records in the CRM. Writeback is largely for CRM Leads/Contacts, while Accounts Writeback is limited to Notes.

The Dynamics 365 CRM solution helps in streamlining administrative operations in your sales, marketing, and service divisions will let you focus on what matters most: developing and keeping customer connections. Incorporate the connection of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to build a stronger network and reach out to unconventional sales leads directly and easily.