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The Microsoft Power Platform provides a powerful set of applications that allow you to automate and create complicated business solutions, analyze data, create data visualizations, automate corporate processes, or create virtual agents for communication. All of these solutions provide a platform on which applications can be created without the need for any code.

The Microsoft Power Platform consists of three main Microsoft products: Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agent. They work with Office 365 and Dynamics 365 and give people the tools to effortlessly manage, surface, automate, and analyze data (as well as other third-party apps and other Microsoft services). The Common Data Service (or CDS) offers a single and condensed data schema so that applications and services can communicate with one another, making the Power Platform viable.


Power BI

Gain real-time insights through an interactive dashboard with the leading business analytics tool, Power BI. It is a suite of software services, applications, and connectors that combine to transform your disparate data sources into coherent, engaging visuals, and interactive insights. Power BI makes it simple to connect to your data sources, view the data, identify the key information, and share it with whoever you choose.
Quickly alter data and produce graphics, like charts, dashboards, maps, and many others, to show your data understandably.
Search data using natural language to receive answers.
 Easily break-down complex data through graphs to improve continuously.

Power Apps

Using Power Apps, you can seamlessly build custom apps with minimal or no code. Along with building model-driven canvas apps, you can also create highly personalized activities that provide you with an immersive experience with your data that is being collected from multiple data points across different devices.
Build mobile-friendly low-code apps with a point-and-click approach.
Connect to your business systems, such as Dynamics 365 and Office 365, and surface their data (and also third-party apps)
Protect data by sharing only the required information with your users to complete a task.

Power Automate

Discover how you can work less and do more. Power Automate, previously known as Microsoft Flow, allows you to create automated workflows to avoid the manual execution of repetitive tasks. With the aid of Power Automate, you can create and automate business processes for all of your installed apps and services. These can range from straightforward automation to more complex situations like branch creation or having several trigger responses and trigger actions.
Send an automated reminder for assignments that are due.
Schedule the transfer of business data between systems.
Connect to any public API or third-party data sources safely.
Automate tasks even on your local device for computing data in Excel.

Power Virtual Agent

With Power Virtual Agents, you can build robust AI-powered chatbots that can handle a variety of tasks, from answering basic questions to having in-depth talks about complicated problems. It makes your communication more prompt and streamlined.

Automate routine tasks to save human agents for more complicated problems.
Use rich, customised bot discussions to enable customers to assist themselves and solve problems fast around-the-clock.
Use hundreds of prebuilt connectors to connect Power Virtual Agents to the goods and services you use every day.

How can you make most of your Power Platform with Tech Falcon?

The Power Platform offers a wealth of intriguing possibilities and implications but, it can be challenging to know where to begin or what it can mean for your company. As a Microsoft Dynamics partner in the UAE, at Tech Falcon, we assist you in understanding your business requirements to build a customized Power solution and implement it. Our goal is to ensure that you are making the most out of your subscription to make significant profits cost-effectively. Please get in contact with us right away if you have any questions regarding the Power Platform or would want to explore a prospective concept.
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