Microsoft Power Automate Can Make Life Less Complicated: Explained

Marketing Team
Published on April 21, 2021

When people from the technology industry are asked if there's a way that could make their lives simpler, we are certain that most of them have the nearly same answer. Before we talk about the answer, there's something interesting that should be pointed out. Those, who work with technology and are open to embracing the latest digital solutions as and when they are rolled out, already have a lot on their plates. Thanks to these unlimited technological advancements, we have a tool for probably every little task. But, the problem arises when the options begin to expand. Being spoilt for choice is something that we all wish for but, not when one wrong move could put a company’s years of efforts and competitive advantage at stake and minimize the ROI.

Gone are those days when both blooming enterprises followed the footsteps of the well-established ones. Today, every business is concerned with the customization of services that would help them stand out in the crowd. However, when a company starts growing in size, it is natural that it would have a bigger customer base to cater to and accommodate more and more creative services.

In such scenarios, it becomes difficult for the employees to juggle between their routine, repetitive tasks and lubricate their skills to come up with or capture better possibilities. Also, making smart decisions that are based on facts and numbers from the past become incredibly important to ensure that the business operations are being steered in the right direction. This is why, the most common answer to the question that we put across before is a tool that would automate all the repetitive tasks based on its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities thereby, boosting the overall productivity and let them focus on the more challenging aspects with an uncluttered mind.

What Is Microsoft Power Automate?

Microsoft Power Automate, previously known as Microsoft Flow, is a cloud-based platform that can create automated workflows and resultantly, simplify business processes and improve them in an effective manner. The system is powered by robotic process automation and insights derived from Power BI and allows users to design creative, automated workflows for complicated tasks.

The biggest advantage with Power Automate lies in the fact that you can use both their pre-built and customizable templates depending on the nature of the tasks. Once the metrics of the tasks are set, the tool can automatically collect all the data related to it and let the users concentrate on areas of higher significance. For the uninitiated, the templates of Power Automate fall into three major categories:

  • Button Flows – Can be created with a single click.
  • Automated Flows – Can be triggered for pre-scheduled events.
  • Scheduled Flow – Can be scheduled for upcoming events and will be automatically generated.

Capabilities Of Microsoft Power Automate

Can Be Integrated With Other Applications

When a company is investing in a new system, it wouldn't want to get rid of all its existing tools and applications. Replacing the old ones altogether implies starting from scratch – something that no organization can afford. The connector in Microsoft Power Automate can be used for directly integrating the applications that you have been suing far. This will not only move and sync all the data available with your company on one platform but also help in automating between processes and simplifying them.

Gain Valuable Insights From Day-To-Day Tasks

When there are innumerable things that your employees are made to handle every day, chances are, they will miss out on some of the most crucial insights that could help them with decision-making. With Power Automate, you can build a template and automate the workflow so that the users are notified every time something significant pops up.

Access And Share Data In Real-Time

As soon as the existing applications are integrated into Power Automate, it syncs and records all the information and allows access to them in real-time. This means, whenever an employee has to look something up, he will be viewing the latest version of the information without delays, repetitions, and errors. Not only that, reports based on KPIs generated by the tool can be shared with other users in real-time too. The data can be viewed any time and from any time as long as it has a stable internet connection.