Microsoft Dynamics Business Central For Project Managers

Marketing Team
Published on December 16, 2020

A common misconception that has been doing rounds for a few years now is that the project-based work is quite different from all the other facets that a company deals with. But, this is far from being true. The commitment towards projects and their tight deadlines can overpower your business operations only when the former is not integrated with the primary system. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can be hailed as the ultimate savior as far as unifying and streamlining the distinct facets of your organization is concerned. The business management solution of Dynamics Business Central offers insightful and multi-layered project management capabilities that can amplify your team's productivity and minimize the scope of errors.

Project Management With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Managing large-scale projects that call for carrying out numerous activities from different locations at the same time can be somewhat difficult and confusing. To make sure that everything, starting from the costs of labor and equipment to the revenue generated at each site, is in its place, you must have a deep, 360-degree view of the processes. Needless to say, when you are working on a project, your client can request a few changes, and you must be in a position to comply with those. Bringing in new software solutions and implementing alterations in a project midway can be problematic. Therefore, the only practical recourse here appears to be depending on cloud-driven software that is scalable and can produce actionable insights as and when needed throughout the project. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central does exactly this by handing over the power to monitor and regulate costs, budgets, and completion percentages of the projects.

Project managers can benefit from Business Central by predicting potential risks and issues before they start damaging the entire development at large. Apart from this, with all-in-one software like Business Central you can constantly draw comparisons between the expenditures and the budget to ensure that at no point you are exceeding the latter and making way for graver problems.

Advantages Of Using Microsoft Dynamics Business Central For Project Management

Hassle-free Data Management

In order to meet the expectations of a project, your business will have to fall back on reliable sets of data from both past and present. In a disjointed environment where your employees are split across various locations, gathering and translating data into valuable insights is the only way of creating intelligence to be curated on reports for executives and managers. By implementing Microsoft Business Central, you can shift the tasks of collecting data and managing reports from your team to digital tools. Moreover, automating data workflows from a single source for the entire company saves time and eliminates the necessity of depending on the costly data management resources.

Risk Reduction

The verity that managing projects is not as easy as it seems and is accompanied by a string of challenges doesn’t have to be spelled out in big, bold letters. The risks in this field are so sudden and ambiguous that most project managers wait until the very end of a consignment to determine whether or not they have made a profit. However, the tricky part is, the knowing what the impending issue would look like is not enough. In order to protect your organization from huge losses, you must be able to predict when a small glitch can open doors to bigger problems.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central can keep tabs on operational and financial operations in real-time and consequently, forecast risks whenever there are significant deviations. With a clear picture of the nonconformities, you can identify the minor anomalies that could blow out of proportion in no time. Besides rendering you with some level of agility, these acumens could also simplify decision-making and increase the chances of success.

Improve the Quality Of Results

Microsoft Dynamics partner UAE can make your endeavors more effective by making certain that the projects are completed within the given budget and time. By assimilating all business operations on the same platform, Business Central gets rid of the compulsion to manually enter and manipulate the data amongst standalone applications. This automatically surges efficiency thereby, making way for better customer engagement and profit margins.