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As an industry that resisted technological change for a long time, new digital capabilities are now leading the way to greater profitability through data analytics and automation of back-office processes. This has led to disruptive changes in the way real estate businesses interact with customers, tenants, investors, developers, operators, suppliers, employees, and other stakeholders. With analytics, real estate businesses can enhance operational efficiency, improve customer service, optimize marketing campaigns, and respond faster to emerging market trends.

Economic Contraction

The sector which had earlier on achieved remarkable growth rapidly declined with the occurrence of the global financial crisis resulting in depreciating values of property. Going forward, success for firms will be less about just winning projects and chasing opportunities but more about how quickly they can adapt to new technological changes.

Market Correction

The market has seen a continuing price-correction and piling inventory. However, this correction in prices could also lead to a series of benefits for buyers. Modern home buyers want a rich and frictionless real estate experience at their fingertips. A cleverly marketed property can yield its owner a massive ROI.

Regulatory requirement

With the ever changing regulatory requirements and always present financial risks, the real estate industry needs new technology platforms to address these challenge. With the right platform to manage risk & compliance, firms can cut hundreds of hours out of audit cycles and easily meet changing regulatory requirements.

Microsoft Partner in UAE for Real Estate and Property Management

Now that the technological landscape is evolving at such a rapid speed, why would you want to invest your time and energy in routine tasks anymore? Your Microsoft partner in UAE will help you build an all-in-one solution that can be updated or altered by authorized users in real-time from anywhere and at any time. Empower your team with relevant data so that they can respond faster to the queries of leasing related to maintenance and reporting. Furthermore, a credible Microsoft partner will make it easier for you to collaborate with investors and agents from your domain and reach a wider group of audience to surge your chances of finalizing beneficial deals. Gain an edge over your competitors in this ever-wavering market by tracking how your assets are faring at every step and whether or not they can be improved.
With data instrumentation, you can build customized platforms that can address specific metrics of a business by scaling through unlimited points of data, spotting anomalies in processes and generating insights.
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Business Applications to power up the  innovation engine enterprise-wide
Automation & AI to do more with less by eliminating menial tasks    
Analytics & Insights to see data in new ways and spot new roads of opportunity. 
Choosing the right partner is the most important step in your transformation journey. 

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