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The projects industry is dependent on a complex network of relationships, work flows and interactions between the owner, financier, developer, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders. It is one of the most fragmented industry ecosystems. As a result, performance has been one of the biggest pain points of the industry with over 90% of mega projects being above budget or behind schedule. Dispersed groups of stakeholders and project teams require real-time collaboration tools and communication channels to ensure greater integration of processes and data flows. Additionally, the industry also needs a robust global procurement capability integrated with tendering and execution of work to optimize outcomes.

Real Time Visibility

By enabling intelligent planning of delivery, construction, and supplies, the use of technology in the final mile can increase visibility and have a revolutionary impact on job-site planning. The lack of intelligent planning around logistics can lead to bottlenecks in the project, eventually leading to strangleholds, lost time for builders, and lost operational efficiency costs.

Improved Profitably

Good project accounting is key to improving profitability. Hassle-free time and expense tracking, powerful task management, streamlined workflows, accurate allocation and forecasting, comprehensive project monitoring, real-time analytics, are some of the key technology capabilities that can make project accounting easy.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a catalyst for customer retention, which is a success strategy for any organisation. Because of the fragmented nature of its business, managing customer satisfaction has been a challenge for the Projects industry. Understanding customer needs, building and fostering relationships, and responding promptly to customer service requests are the key factors to improving customer satisfaction.

Digital Transformation of the Projects Industry

The projects industry is constantly exposed to challenges that can put its long-term development under serious threat. Nevertheless, this sector is also graced by the most number of opportunities which, if capitalized on diligently, can furnish with it enough prospects of improvement and growth. Digital transformation of the projects industry can proliferate efficiency and revenue generation through greater predictability and constructive insights into hidden customer trends. Moreover, by reshaping the existing business models with digital disruptions, companies can move ahead of their prime competitors. Investors would also know exactly which assets will fulfill the expectations of their target customers and multiply the profitability.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the Projects and Construction Industry

The principal object of implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 in businesses across the projects and construction industry is to gain firm control over distinct operations and have a transparent view of the current scenario. Empower your workforce with the ability to meet tight deadlines, automate repetitive tasks and manage and update data through real-time reports and dashboards that can be accessed from anywhere. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the projects and construction industry brings together the features of ERP and CRM together under the same umbrella to share fully-integrated, real-time information across diverse departments of the same organization. By unifying and automating the distinct strings of project management including financials and accounting, timely notifications and resource allocation, you can reduce the manual burden and augment accuracy. Work only with the shreds of information that will simplify decision-making and generate actionable insights to effectively analyse your current business model, practices and profitable opportunities.

Microsoft Partner in UAE for Projects and Construction Industry

We realize that steering your company through distinct digital trends of the projects and construction industry could be incredibly challenging. However, we have a solution to help you dodge these complications and embrace digital transformation in the most effective way. Microsoft has a suite of business applications for delivering customizable and industry-specific solutions that will change the way your organization grows and its fundamental business model.

Tech Falcon is a leading Microsoft partner in UAE that offers consultation, implementation, deployment, and managed services for all the business applications and tools that comes under the suite of Microsoft Cloud services. Transform your business operations and enhance customer engagement that can be streamlined with cloud with our wide range of services.
Digitization automates intricate and repetitive business operations and reduce human errors and make project scheduling easier to offer a competitive edge to the users.
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AI detects early warning signs that can invite serious trouble during project implementation in different work conditions and doesn't compromise with the quality and accuracy of deliverables.
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Business Applications to power up the  innovation engine enterprise-wide
Automation & AI to do more with less by eliminating menial tasks    
Analytics & Insights to see data in new ways and spot new roads of opportunity. 
Choosing the right partner is the most important step in your transformation journey. 

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