Facility Management

Optimize operations with process automation

Lack of customer engagement platforms, complex logistics and resource management are some of the key pain points of the facility management sector. Automation and data analytics promise unprecedented opportunities for the facility management sector for optimizing operations and improving services. Automated process can be used to manage maintenance and repair, improve energy management, and provide employee focused services. Digitizing increases visibility with real-time and enterprise-wide information on work-order creation, tracking and management, all on the go.

Why Digital Transformation for Facility Management?

Becoming data-driven

Industry-leading firms are increasingly combining transparency with data- and analytics-driven service automation to optimize facilities management (FM) operations. With the right solution, facility managers can plan and track all real estate utilization and asset movement, as well as schedule repairs and preventative maintenance, monitor work orders, and adhere to compliance standards in the most streamlined and effective ways.

Work force management

For facilities management, employee engagement and retention is a top priority. High attrition reflects poorly on the firm and it also creates more time-consuming on-boarding and off-boarding work. What firms need to aim for are when new recruits walk into the lobby on their first day and find their new workspace using the company’s app and discovering that they have already been set up on all necessary tools and software.

High customer satisfaction

To remain competitive, FM companies must think out of the box and look beyond providing reactive services to manage customer satisfaction. For example, fixing a problem before the customer is aware of it. By converting your responsive service into a predictive service, you will far exceed your customer expectations.

Tech Falcon’s Facility Management Services

Tech Falcon’s facility management services specialises in offering solutions that can improve the occupancy rate and sustainability of properties in the long run. Apart from developing customised management solutions as per the unique needs of the clients, we guide through the entire process starting from designing and implementation of the solutions to management and optimisation of all the operations involved. In order to ensure that your enterprise is using the technologies at its disposal in the most profitable manner and resultantly, adding to the overall business value, depending on the right consultant is essential.
As far as property-based facility management is concerned, we follow a very clear plan-of-action. The journey commences from outlining the needs and visions of the client we are working for and ends at quality assurance post implementation of the solution. As trusted Microsoft partners in Dubai, all our facility management solutions are based on the capabilities of a powerful suite of applications such as Dynamics 365, Business Central, Power BI and Azure. Our integrated and decisive planning makes way for optimisation of costs and resources both environmentally and economically.

Value Propositions

Boost efficiency of properties by designing tech solutions that include preventive maintenance to curb untimely breakdowns and reduce downtime.
Take individual needs of a company into consideration and implement services that unify and fulfill all the goals of an organisation at once.
Stay updated about the health of on-site equipment through real-time reports and dashboards and alert technicians whenever a glitch arises.
Track and monitor all activities on a single platform and eliminate redundancy and overlap of services, thereby increasing efficiency and minimising costs.
Empower facility managers to automate repetitive tasks and focus on the more challenging aspects.

Digitize Facility Management

Digitization of facility management opens floodgates of new prospects for every company, regardless of its size. From increasing the number of fruitful opportunities in the market to cutting costs and reducing time of service delivery to improve the quality of results, digitization can streamline it all.
The digital infrastructure implemented by Tech Falcon evaluates the current application framework of the organisation and creates a stronger ground for formulating smarter decisions. Apart from ringing in transparency and efficiency in facility management, digitization allows collaboration of users for maximum effects.
Instead of working with applications collecting information from various sources, capitalize on a system of dashboards that could unify all the data for easy understanding and analysis.
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