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Gear Up for Digital Transformation

The latest trends of digitization are actively transforming every facet of the distribution and logistics industry and making way for a hassle-free, better tomorrow. This change revolves around a set of technologies that make basic business operations more credible, efficient and most importantly, consumer-centric. In-depth data analytics and process automation along with advanced digital technologies simplify the process of demand forecasting and distribution. The primary objective of the change is to implement technological intelligence into the courses of material procurement, manufacturing and supply chain management and comply with the current insights and market expectations. Digitizing these processes amplifies the productivity, security and transparency of the supply chain and streamlines decision-making. 

Why Virtual Integration for Distribution Industry?
Virtual Integration of supply chains is responsible for generating real-time insights and visibility across the entire distribution network necessary for optimizing operations. This prompts the distributors to sign up for more proactive roles such as monitoring inventory demand, delineating hidden patterns in the supply chain, making use of newer technologies, and scanning the freight and resultantly, gain a competitive edge.
Control Over the Value Chain

Through virtual integration of supply chains, distributors and retailers have a clear picture of the recent activities and gain more control over the way the products are curated, advertised and sold in the market.

Cost Reduction

In virtual integration, a single entity manages the entire distribution process and leads to optimal resource utilization, lower transportation costs and reduced wastes at every stage.

Operational Efficiency

The latest business models and multi-layered supply chains when paired with the advanced technologies allow users to access real-time data from anywhere and at any time and enhance operational efficiency.

Competitive Advantage

Although environmental uncertainty might initially appear to be a threat, virtual integration and supplier responsiveness could convert this into a competitive edge abetted by cost advantage and manufacturing flexibility.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Distribution Industry

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the distribution industry removes every trace of the age-old organizational silos and surges profitability. This end-to-end solution empowers the workforce by gathering, integrating, assessing and visualizing every bit of supply chain data available rendered by trustworthy sources. Capitalizing on a full-proof, customizable strategy to reach the goal of digital transformation through Dynamics 365 will help the distributors in exhaustively monitoring the full operational journey that starts at demand forecasting and ends at consumer support.

Dynamics 365 Finance

In-built business intelligence capabilities coupled with predictive analytics reduces the burden of decision-making and catalyzes the growth rate of the company.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain

Get access to immaculate visibility and management across the logistics network by bringing the purchase and sales processes of the organization together on the same platform.

Dynamics 365 Commerce

This omni-channel solution can be utilized to integrate in-store and digital shopping to improve customer experience and rekindle their interest and engagement from time to time.

Dynamics 365 Human Resource

Streamline and automate the fundamental HR tasks and enhance employee satisfaction, productivity, responsiveness and performance.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Deliver optimal results and fulfil customer expectations by rendering them with swift and personalized support throughout their entire journey with the company.

Dynamics 365 Field Service

Make your field technicians more responsive and efficient to deliver superior customer service and experience.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Multiply the effectiveness and impact of your marketing endeavours by using smart tools that segregate customer groups according to their choices and preferences and subsequently, boost demand.

Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation

Increase profit margins and customer gratification by meeting tight deadlines of projects within a strict budget and maximizing employee efficiency at the same time.

Dynamics 365 Sales

Get your hands on more leads and convert them into profitable deals by rolling out seamless buying experiences for potential customers after diligently addressing their individual requirements and anticipations.

Artificial Intelligence

Make the most out of the tools, applications and services to formulate AI solutions in the realms of machine learning, conversational AI, robotics, IoT, data sciences and several others.

Power Platform

One-stop platform furnished by Microsoft to offer user-friendly, customizable applications, business intelligence, virtual agents and process automation.

Azure IoT

Collect, filter, assess and automate operations to prevent costly mistakes and enhance customer experience and revenue generation.

Microsoft Partner in UAE for Distribution Industry

If you have a distribution company of your own, it is quite likely that you and your workforce are responsible for managing heaps of data associated with the shipments. These pieces of data are crucial mainly because of two reasons. Firstly, a powerful business application, after collecting large quantities of unstructured data from various sources can generate valuable insights that can simplify decision-making. Secondly, the data can authenticate your customers’ choices and preferences and help you decode the trends that will eventually improve consumer engagement. A reliable Microsoft partner in UAE can establish a system that brings together all the documents your organization uses on the same platform, like a private infrastructure. With an integrated system, you can collaborate and share real-time reports and dashboards, boost productivity, cut down additional costs, schedule preventive maintenance and minimize errors. Also, as these applications are protected by the multi-layered security features of Microsoft, the risks of data loss or tampering are completely eliminated.
Gain greater visibility into the supply chain by bringing all its operations on the same platform and resultantly, improve purchasing decisions and the overall performance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Tech Falcon's solutions help us streamline our supply chain processes and improve our logistics management?

By delivering real-time data and analytics, Tech Falcon's facility management solutions can assist in streamlining logistics management procedures and streamlining supply chain procedures. Clients may manage their inventory and assets more effectively by integrating Tech Falcon's solutions with supply chain management systems. Tech Falcon's solutions can make sure that facilities are constantly in top shape, minimising downtime and supply chain disruptions, by automating maintenance and cleaning routines. With the help of Tech Falcon's solutions, clients can uncover inefficiencies and areas for improvement while also gaining insights into the performance of their logistics. Clients may optimise their supply chain performance, lower costs, and cut costs using Tech Falcon's facility management solutions.

Can Tech Falcon's solutions integrate with our existing ERP system and other business applications?

Yes, existing ERP systems and other business applications can be integrated with Tech Falcon's facilities management solutions. The solutions offered by Tech Falcon are made to work well with a variety of company software programmes, such as CRM and ERP systems. The solutions offered by Tech Falcon may integrate with these systems to deliver real-time data and analytics, empowering customers to make data-driven decisions and improve their facility management procedures. The professionals at Tech Falcon have worked with clients to connect facility management solutions with current business systems, resulting in a smooth and effective workflow. Clients can be sure that their facility management solutions integrate easily with their current business applications thanks to Tech Falcon's integration options, maximising the return on their investment in facility management technology.

How can Tech Falcon help us optimize our inventory management and reduce inventory costs?

By offering real-time data and analytics, Tech Falcon's facility management solutions can aid clients in improving their inventory management and lowering inventory expenditures. Clients may maintain ideal inventory levels and prevent stockouts by using Tech Falcon's systems, which track inventory levels, monitor usage patterns, and send automated reorder notifications. Tech Falcon's solutions can reduce the time and resources needed to manage inventory by automating such activities, which lowers labour costs and boosts productivity. Additionally, the solutions offered by Tech Falcon's can offer insights into the performance of the inventory, assisting clients in identifying inefficiencies and places for improvement. Clients may optimise their inventory management procedures, lower inventory expenses, and boost operational effectiveness overall with Tech Falcon's facility management solutions.

Can Tech Falcon's solutions help us improve our demand planning and forecasting accuracy?

Indeed, by delivering real-time data and analytics, Tech Falcon's facility management solutions may assist clients in increasing the accuracy of their demand planning and forecasts. With the help of Tech Falcon's solutions, clients may predict demand and modify their inventory levels in advance by tracking demand patterns and creating automated forecasts. Tech Falcon's solutions can minimise the time and resources needed to manage demand by automating demand planning and forecasting operations, lowering labour costs and increasing efficiency. The solutions offered by Tech Falcon can offer insights into demand performance through real-time data analysis and reporting, assisting clients in identifying inefficiencies and areas for development. Clients may enhance their demand planning and forecasting procedures, increase accuracy, and lower inventory costs using Tech Falcon's facility management solutions.

How does Tech Falcon ensure data security and compliance with industry regulations in their distribution solutions?

Tech Falcon has put in place a number of safeguards to protect the safety of the data belonging to their clients since they take data security and adherence to industry regulations seriously. To guarantee that client data is secure and secured, Tech Falcon's distribution solutions are created to adhere to industry laws like GDPR and ISO 27001. To avoid unwanted access and data breaches, Tech Falcon also employs cutting-edge security technologies including encryption, two-factor authentication, and safe data storage. In order to maintain their systems up to date with the most recent security measures, Tech Falcon also offers clients frequent software upgrades and security patches. Tech Falcon assists clients in putting data security and industry compliance first so they can trust their distribution solutions and concentrate on their core business operations.

Can Tech Falcon help us implement e-commerce capabilities and improve our online sales channel?

Yes, Tech Falcon can help clients implement e-commerce capabilities and improve their online sales channel. Tech Falcon's distribution solutions are designed to support e-commerce, allowing clients to manage their online sales channels and inventory in one centralized system. Tech Falcon's solutions can integrate with a range of e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce, to enable seamless integration between clients' online stores and their inventory management systems. Tech Falcon's team of experts can help clients implement e-commerce capabilities, optimize their online sales channels, and improve their overall customer experience. With Tech Falcon's distribution solutions, clients can streamline their e-commerce operations, improve their online sales channel, and maximize their revenue potential.
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