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Industry-specific solutions empower our customers to gain benefits from the full spectrum of our business, automation and analytics cloud technologies.


In their quest to find the best mix of quality, cost efficiencies and employee safety, manufacturing leaders are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of emerging technologies that are influencing the industry.
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cloud vs on-premise
cloud vs on-premise


From demand forecasting and inventory regulation to freight management, every stage calls for value chain integration across the entire distribution value chain to facilitate large-scale transformation.
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Public Sector

Public sector organizations and governments all around the world are exploring ways to deliver services to citizens, improving access to services, simplifying processes and reducing costs.
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Real Estate & Property Management

With the right digital solutions real estate businesses gain competitive edge in the connected world.
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Facility Management

Digital disruptions are fueling new trends, new processes, and new approaches to facility management.
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Digital Transformation with Industry-focussed Solutions

Set out on a journey of digital transformation with high-tech, industry-focused solutions put forward by Microsoft. Let us help you customize the digital infrastructure according to the relevant needs of your organization and as a result enable you to meticulously capitalize on the tools of automation and analytics. Up until a few years back, industry leaders emphasized on redefining the attributes and capabilities of marketing, sales and products to shift from a hardware-oriented business model to a software-focused one. However, now the picture is completely different. Businesses have realised that the limelight must be on vertical-specific solutions and consumer success and consumer experience. Owing to this alteration, companies are aiming at re-structuring their business processes ranging from demand forecasting and product development to pricing and advertising to drive this transformation. Therefore, in order to attain digital transformation with industry-focused solutions, we will guide you through the course of outlining customer-first solutions, establishing new operational models and introducing unique capabilities for generating optimal results.

Microsoft Industry Solutions

Microsoft furnishes its users with industry-specific solutions that are designed to empower organizations to embrace long-awaited digital disruptions and achieve more. Microsoft industry solutions encourage creativity, innovation and collaboration to optimize the available set of resources and capital, monetize opportunities and enhance the engagement of both existing and potential customers. With the right suite of business tools and applications backed by IoT, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics and cloud migration, you can gain clear visibility over your entire supply chain, deliver personalized customer experience and catalyse growth.

Tech Falcon’s Digital Transformation Services

Retooling your business operations and the underlying model without dismantling the pre-established can be somewhat difficult. However, it is essentially this balancing-act that unlocks the benefits of digital transformation in its true sense. This is where the role of Tech Falcon’s Digital Transformation Services will come into play and help you achieve exactly what your company has been aiming for. We will empower you with the right ways of addressing this transformation to fill in the gap between the current and evolving technologies, and rapidly adapt to the ever-changing industry trends. Implement a wide array of integrated, scalable and backwards-compatible business applications and tools to eliminate the risks of uprooting and replacing a software altogether.
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