Improve Customer Satisfaction With Power Virtual Agent

Marketing Team
Published on October 11, 2020

If you are running a business of your own or are an integral part of an enterprise, you will know that at the end of it, nothing supersedes the authority and expectations of the customers. All of your approaches, starting from procurement and production to sales and marketing depend on the wills and varying needs of your potential consumers. The better your business is at satisfying your customers with Power Virtual Agent, the wider will be its prospects of profit generation and reaching the ultimate objectives.

Now that it has been established that gratifying your present and potential audience more or less regulates the entire gamut of the organization, we have a piece of good news. With an artificial intelligence-powered application like Microsoft's Power Virtual Agent, your business can achieve everything that it has ever wanted. By customizing the tool as per the requisites of your company and its patrons, you can create meaningful and most importantly, impactful customer interactions and answer their queries on the website even when your team is not online.

What is Microsoft Power Virtual Agent?

Power Virtual Agent, as the name suggests, is a chatbot that resolves consumer queries in a conversational, natural language as soon as the question is published. What distinguishes Microsoft Power Virtual Agent from the other alternatives available in the fact that in order to build the intelligent chatbots, one doesn't have to be fluent with complicated coding.

You can implement the Power Virtual Agent on any platform that is concerned with customer interaction such as the company's website, Facebook, Skype, MS Teams, and Slack. Some of its most glaring advantages include:

  • Allowing Microsoft Power Automate to integrate and let the chatbots turn to pre-designed actions corresponding to the user's instructions.
  • Keep a track of the performance so that it can be enhanced in the future.
  • Monitor user activities and formulate new sets of questions and answers.

Ways in Which Power Virtual Agent Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

The primary target of putting Power Virtual Agent into practice is to minimize a company's dependence on the technical and IT teams and plump the overall productivity. If you are under the impression that these chatbots mostly sound like robots, then let us burst that bubble for you. To be at par with the changing needs of your customers and their anticipations, the chatbots can be developed in a way that is as human-like and real as it can get. To help you comprehend better, we will be putting down a few ways in which Power Virtual Agent can improve customer satisfaction and resultantly, place your company in a positive light.

Alert the Team Whenever There's a Lead

Because the responses sent from your website will be automatic if you want you can set up a text alert on your phone. This means, whenever somebody comes looking for a keyword or phrase that applies to your organization, you will be notified so that you can plan an impressive follow-up.

For example, if a potential customer is asking "how can I choose the right product", or "will I get a discount as a first-time user", it implies he/she is interested in procuring the things available on your website. When something similar happens, Power Virtual Agent will send you a notification and you will be able to get in touch with him immediately.

Crisis Communication

When a company is combatting uncertain times, it is quite natural for the employees to feel confused and directionless. Nonetheless, this doesn't bring the natural course of the business to a stop. Every organization receives hundreds of messages through distinct channels from their target audience every day and sorting them in terms of priority isn't as effortless as it sounds.

The chatbots that are built with Power Virtual Agent, on the other hand, can respond to a crisis by answering the frequently asked questions (FAQ) and rolling out imperative information across numerous channels including email, social media platforms, mobile chat, IVR, or the web. The resolutions to the repetitive queries are fed into the Power Virtual Agent because of which customers can be handed out an explanation almost instantly.

Surge Productivity

Out of the pool of questions that a company is graced with each day, there are some that the Power Virtual Agent cannot answer. It could be because the query doesn't come under the category of FAQs or, is something completely new. This is when the employees should intervene and do their best to manage the issues and requests of the customers.

Power Virtual Agent principally forms the first line of support agents that can be used to acknowledge low-value and repetitive doubts. They can be accessed 24*7 and are capable of taking up multiple requests at once. Therefore, by delegating the Power Virtual Agent in this arena, the customer support team of your business can be allowed to focus on the more complicated and proactive tasks.

Non-mechanical Responses

The responses of the Power Virtual Agent cannot be sidelined as mechanical. The conversational language of the Power Virtual Agent has been fabricated according to a personality that mirrors the corporate culture and gives out an imposing opinion of your organization even before the matter reaches a customer support executive. Hence, besides being satisfied with the responses of the chatbots, the customers also perceive that their questions are answered through "self-help", which can turn out to be a great selling point for the company.

Digital Transformation with Tech Falcon

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