Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Dubai

How to find your Dynamics CRM expert in Dubai and UAE?

Tech Falcon
Published on July 22, 2020

A Microsoft Dynamics CRM expert in Dubai, or any other location for that matter, is more than a simple CRM reseller. As a technology and solutions partner, they are very integral to the success of your overall digital transformation goals. With their expertise, deep knowledge, technical team, and tried and tested practices, choosing the right Dynamics CRM Partner is a crucial first step.

So how do you choose your Dynamics CRM expert in Dubai and UAE? With practically unlimited ways in which Dynamics 365 solution can be made to work for you, it is highly important that you find a partner who knows what is the right way to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your enterprise.

What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management suite with marketing, sales, customer service and insight capabilities. In short, Dynamics CRM is foremost a customer relationship management system from Microsoft, which received an overall Peer Insights rating of 4.4 for CRM Lead Management as per Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for CRM Lead Management in 2020.

With its numerous functions from marketing to sales, it allows you to accumulate and store all the data about your clientele in the same place so you can get a better overview of it. Dynamics CRM has proved itself here in Dubai and elsewhere by being the most popular CRM, with its numerous advantages and user-friendly interface. It offers the most advanced technology and is the most flexible CRM in the industry. It goes without saying that Dynamics CRM allows you to improve sales and the efficiency of your marketing while optimizing customer service.

Finding a trusted Dynamics CRM partner in Dubai and UAE

The challenges of CRM implementation can seem overwhelming, especially for small and medium businesses, if you do not have the right partner to facilitate implementation and adoption. The right partner will be someone who has a very good relationship with Microsoft and also understands your industry and your needs to offer your the right kind of advise through the implementation process.

You need a partner who has a strong technical and customer success team in UAE to support and advise you throughout the presales and post-sales processes. Note that implementing a CRM is one step and end-user adoption is another. It is common to find enterprises that have implemented CRM systems claiming that their end-user training in CRM “needed improvement.” The value of CRM is not always self evident to end-users, who are in most cases sales people. Unless your CRM partner offers proper training and after sales support, the solution can in most cases go unused or underused.

First step is to make sure that you purchase Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Dubai and UAE through a Microsoft certified partner only. You should look at your partner as a trusted advisor who informs you about the various ways in which Dynamics CRM can be modified and customized to make it into a CRM solution that’s right for you.

The Tech Falcon way

At Tech Falcon, we believe that communication is the most important success factors for a CRM implementation project. Understanding the pain points and needs of our client and articulating them clearly is the first step for us. Once the problems and needs are articulated and agreed upon, we start the process of designing the solution. We believe that transformation is all about asking ‘How can we do it better?’ Our digital transformation solutions are built on Microsoft's future ready cloud platforms that can scale according to your needs. Our platform is easy to use with an intuitive user interface that can convert ideas and requirements into working applications swiftly. Our business application platform uses model-driven development to swiftly deliver applications that are easy to configure and can be deployed much faster.