Here's How Marketing Automation Can Help Real Estate Business

Marketing Team
Published on November 29, 2020

For any real estate agent, running a property listing ad and receiving innumerable responses is like a dream come true. However, unlike the other industries, most people consider real estate to be their largest single purchase. Skimming through a huge inventory of properties and then settling on any one of them is indeed a huge decision. In some cases, it takes more than six months to close a deal and persuade the clients to invest in an asset. Keeping tabs of these deals for prolonged spans to follow up at the right time and confirm the purchases could be an excruciating and confusing task.

Therefore, marketing automation stands out as one of the most important tools to call back those long-forgotten and postponed deals and transform them into cash-generating leads. Real estate agents are well aware of the proficiency of marketing automation as far as market optimization and lead generation are concerned. With the right sets of information and strategies delineated from them, spawning leads would be as smooth as a cakewalk!

What Is Real Estate Market Automation?

Marketing automation is the process of using technology to automate the rudimentary tasks of digital marketing. Although the major part of marketing revolves around a group of repetitive activities such as advertisements and campaigns, social media posts, email marketing, and such others, there are a few details that must be changed in each one of them before they are delivered. Understandably, not everyone out there is looking for the same things and it is these variations of demand that must be diligently addressed by the agents to seal the deal. Capitalizing on marketing tools and software to automate these pieces of work would ensure that the manual burden is reduced and resultantly, the chances of pitching the deals to a wider group of audiences are increased.

Advantages of Using Marketing Automation For Real Estate

Lead Management

At the end of it all, it is your ability to attract and convince new leads to procure the properties under your listings that will determine your rate of success as a real estate agent. The journey starts with attracting more leads and ends with turning them into faithful customers. Gathering, organizing, and assessing heaps of data manually would not only occupy lots of time but, will also call for several mistakes that could affect the final result. Besides, issues with incorrect or missing information, incomprehensible handwriting, and minimal insight into the needs of the clients too can hamper the marketing ads.

Nonetheless, with the right CRM at your disposal, identifying customer behavior through data analytics, managing leads, and keeping them interested even after they have taken a tour of the house would be effortless and hassle-free. Once the software collects all the information it needs to fabricate the marketing messages, it will send automated emails and have follow-ups scheduled at regular intervals to always keep the deal at the top of the lead's mind.

CRM Automation

The larger your stock of information is, the better and more effective will be your real estate marketing strategies. This is fairly why CRM is regarded as the nucleus of a real estate agent's marketing endeavors. The software can be used to design forms that even cover the choices and preferences of the potential clients apart from the general information like their email, phone number, address, etc. These web forms can be further referred to by the real estate agents to segregate the information into distinct categories so that they could be expended for personalized marketing.

Contacting Clients Through Real-time

The thing about the real estate industry is, the clients cannot be influenced by simply promoting a property on its face value. Considering this would be a one-time opportunity for most of them, it shouldn't be difficult to realize that getting their information thoroughly analyzed would navigate the deal in the right direction. Marketing automation software allows agents to customize email templates in advance thereby, implying that whenever there’s some new data available, it could be included in the messages before hitting the send button.

On the other hand, as the probability of opening and reading a text message is higher, the CRM can automatically compress the messages so that they become easy to send and can put across the purpose only within some seconds.

Customer Collaboration

The fact that your network and the relationship with your customers is the most crucial force that drives leads, goes without saying. Thus, communicating with them on time and being transparent about your approaches will inevitably strengthen your customer base and magnetize new clients. Sending text messages and emails from time to time is definitely vital but, that's not all. Relying on a tool that integrates customer communication with real estate insights will turn the odds in your favor. Additionally, the centralized dashboards to share personalized updates and information about the properties they are or could be interested in can catalyze your efforts and get things done with a few taps. Hence, it is clear that replacing manual labor with an appropriate CRM can save you the time of saving applicable listings, compose emails, search MLS, and waiting for a response.