Prevent Cyber-Security Risks With Machine Learning

Marketing Team
Published on December 1, 2020

Greater Visibility Over Potential Threats

Thanks to wide availability of internet, cyber threats are constantly on the rise especially in the form of e-mail phishing scams.

Being able to differentiate between real and false alerts that ask for confidential data for closing pending payments, or registering in some important portal could be very challenging. Without any powerful system detecting these vulnerabilities, it is only through its self-reporting employees that could come to know about the situation. Therefore, a proactive approach that offers greater visibility overall potential scams could be the ideal fix for searching and spotting a needle in the haystack.

Customize Security Solutions On Microsoft Azure

Build custom security solutions backed by Microsoft's powerful data protection standards after identifying the areas that contain large quantities of sensitive information.

Building a software solution that integrates the capabilities of cloud technology and machine learning, you can filter incoming emails and redirect those that look suspicious for further investigation. The solution work by thoroughly analyzing the language and structure of the incoming emails to find out specific patterns that do not match with the majority of the messages sent from the same addresses. Other than that, it also searches for other red flags that validate the suspicion. Once the email is tagged as a potential risk, it can be investigated by the IT team for countermeasures.

Faster Risk Detection

A customized data security solution can save you a lot of time and rule out the false alarms even before they are brought to the forefront for inspection.

A phishing solution that has been developed as per the unique needs of your company is capable of being fully proactive without any human intervention. Even without any action on the emails from an employee's part, the software could track the threats. By replacing the traditional methods of relying on manual reporting with batch processing, security teams can be alerted immediately after a suspicious email makes way into somebody's inbox. Earlier, this entire process of accurately spotting phishing threats and responding to them took hours.

Automatic Retraining According To Schedule

Schedule automatic retraining frequency for the software solutions.

Scheduling automatic retraining frequency for the software solutions and coupling it with additional information from employees, the phishing coverage could be enhanced. When software applications are created on cloud, they are automatically embedded with reusable environments for model scoring, registered models, versioned models and model training and reproducible machine learning pipelines. This setup can not only help your company detect potential threats but also, pull out the important pointers that have been missed before.

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