How will Field Service Solution Assist you in Managing Remote Workforce?

Marketing Team
Published on November 23, 2021

Improving Operational Efficiency

Dynamics 365 Field service provides in-depth customer information enhancing the understanding of customer needs amongst the remote workforce.

Be fully prepared with all customer information for all your remote fieldwork with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service solution. You can have account history, contract details, and work orders containing in-depth details of the upcoming job. Your field service engineers may access this information using the simple Dynamics 365 for Field Service mobile app, which is available on both iOS and Android. Field Service Management with Dynamics 365 was created to boost first-time fix rates, allowing your remote workforce to service more of your customer base throughout their working day than ever before while lowering expenses for both the company and the client. Managers have real-time access to each of their field service employees and can monitor and enhance their performance. They can do so by looking at measures like time spent on site, the total number of jobs performed per day, and client feedback reports.

Facilitating Access to Data

Tracking customer-identified issues, incorporating IoT notifications, and automatically issuing maintenance tickets have never been this easier.

It's nearly hard to know everything there is to know about a subject, and your technicians are no exception. Regardless of their abilities, people may find themselves in a situation where they are unable to address a problem. An augmented reality headset can be used by Field services to share information. When your professionals require technical assistance but need to leave their hands free to manage their tools and execute repairs, this headset could be useful. Data will be available to everyone with just a click away. The dashboard will provide the information to track the asset and establish end-to-end visibility. By directly sharing their point of view with professionals, they can get all the information they need to address the problem quickly and without delaying repairs or keeping the customer waiting.

Optimizing Resources

The biggest problem with having equipment scattered throughout the city (or province) is that efficiently allocating resources on a realistic timeline might be challenging. For your dispatchers, dealing with delays, failures, inventories, as well as technicians' abilities and location, can quickly become stressful. You'll be taken care of by Field Service. This Dynamics add-on of automated scheduling develops a realistic plan based on the tasks that need to be completed by evaluating data collected from your field equipment and resources. On the other hand, The Dynamics 365 for Field Service inventory management system tracks real-time inventory levels from the warehouse, as well as stock levels on the road, current work orders, and returns. You can also use it to track and manage customer assets.

Enhance Technician's Capabilities

Improve resolution time and establish client trust by giving technicians a 360-degree perspective of their consumers and real-time coaching. Delegate work seamlessly.

Use Field Service to capture asset information through inspections, and get real-time remote expert support via Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and other mixed-reality tools. Improve resolution time and establish client trust by giving technicians a 360-degree perspective of their consumers and real-time coaching. This D365 software has quickly become a must-have tool for managing customer appointments. On their mobile device, tablet, or computer, your technicians will have access to the fastest and shortest route to appointments, as well as precise instructions. The projected duration of the appointment and travel time has already been taken into account because the scheduling of these appointments has been automated and the information is transmitted in real-time by your dispatchers.

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