How Can Omni-Channel Support Improve Customer Experience?

Marketing Team
Published on March 2, 2021

Customers Can Get In Touch With a Company Through All Devices

Customers can communicate with your consumer support team through any of their preferred channels on the back end thus, creating a seamless experience.

Omni-channel customer support comes with its own sets of benefits. When consumers have the option to communicate through any channel based on their convenience, offering a consistent experience becomes easier. Furthermore, customers can switch between different channels with their queries and the agents can respond to them almost immediately without losing context or repeating information. Simply put, customers and your agents can pick up from wherever they left even if it means transitioning to a different platform.

Collects Information From Multiple Sources

Improve analytics and data-driven decision-making by gathering information from every interaction with the customers from multiple channels.

Depending on more than one channel for interacting with your customers can prove helpful in collecting and harnessing information from all those sources and resultantly, drive stronger customer relationships. Collecting as much data as possible about your consumers’ preferences can also increase revenue generation and enhance operational performance. According to statistics, the customer retention rate of omni-channel support is about 91% more than the conventional methods of interaction and connectivity. Unlike multichannel communication, the focus is on customer relationship in omni-channel. In omni-channel communication, the sources are integrated so that the conversations do not lose their continuity.

End-To-End View Of Customer Interactions

When customer interactions are connected, it creates consistency at every touch-point throughout the conversations, despite the channels.

As far as customer support is concerned, your consumer is the only entity that remains unchanged, even though his needs and preferences might change from time to time. When customer interactions increase, their loyalty towards your brand increases thereby, creating better cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. As omni-channel interactions are centred on the data associated with customers instead of case numbers, companies have more suitable prospects of understanding their target audience. Through consistent communication through channels, customer issues are resolved almost immediately after they are raised hence, building long-term engagements.

Personal Touch In Services

Knowing your customers better will make it easier to embed your services with a personal touch and make a mark in the industry.

Customers are now comfortable with online interactions more than ever. This is why designing and implementing formidable digital channel strategies is important for retaining customers and capturing profitable opportunities. Omni-channel communication provides the flexibility and personal touch required for optimizing services and increasing conversion rates. By assessing your customer preferences through multiple channels without disconnecting the interactions, understanding the points that would influence customer decisions in the positive way becomes easier.

Reduce Response Time

Empower your customer support agents to reduce customer waiting spans in service interactions with ease and convenience.

One of the biggest issues that consumers raise while interacting with customer support professionals is the waiting time. Even though consumers have different expectations when they use company communication channels, their experience should be seamless. Omni-channels reduce customer wait times by a large extent. AI-powered chatbots when employed in those channels bring together all the information available about the customer and resolve issues in a few minutes. Even if the website traffic is high at some point or the support agents aren’t available, the AI-tools can analyse the data gathered through omni-channels and distribute tickets to ensure that the issues are expedited.

Reduce Operational Costs

Using omni-channel platform for communication reduces operational costs and eliminates chances of putting across the same solutions over and over again.

Omni-channel interactions can have both AI-bots and customer support professionals for responding to the consumer queries. Incoming requests can be filtered so that the frequently asked questions can be dealt by automation tools and the more complex ones can be redirected and taken up by skilled agents. This way, organizations can employ lesser number of people for answering customer calls, clear off the cues faster and focus on the more challenging tasks. Besides, omni-channel communication reduces the operational costs related to the acquisition of new customers. This is because more than 40% of consumers are attracted to a company because of their positive impression about consumer engagement.

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