Build a Data-driven Culture Backed By Microsoft Azure Analytics and Power BI Services

Tech Falcon
Published on October 6, 2020

Democratization Of Data

Business intelligence and cloud-enabled applications are replacing standalone systems that worked with different terms of compliance and made it incredibly difficult for companies to methodically analyse information.

Expedite data democratization by gathering large volumes of data from different sources and system and bringing them together on the same platform. With Power BI services, you can design customized, interactive dashboards capable of updating and sharing real-time reports that can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. Generating detailed and configurable reports for different clients and stakeholders can be facilitated through virtual collaboration amongst employees itself. Moreover, owing to the robust infrastructure of the platform, the process of making required changes in the reports from time to time and notifying the team about it can be completed within seconds.

Automating Business Processes And Repetitive Tasks

Empowering your employees with access to real-time data reports and insights will ensure that they are doing the right thing, at the right time with some assistance from automation.

Gone are those days when employees were mandated to generate and publish reports manually in form of spreadsheets and presentations. Today, tools like Power BI and Microsoft Azure have made it easier for businesses to break down their organizational silos with a single source of truth that can efficiently simplify decision-making and improve consistency. This automatically reduces the time and effort necessary for integrating data from various systems and formulates actionable insights. In order to support your team of talented employees, rendering them with complete visibility into informational and interactive dashboards and AI-powered insights is incredibly crucial.

Better Performance and Reliability

Improve your company’s performance and responsiveness to unforeseen crises through cloud-based solutions that proficiently manage load variations.

The good news is, you don’t have to entirely replace your old systems when implementing Power BI and Microsoft Azure services. Once deployed, they can be integrated with your existing system to sync and store all the information available with the latter. Also, the storage capacities of the cloud-based applications can be scaled as per the employees’ requirements and changing trends of the specific industry you are serving. The pay-as-you-go subscription model is another boon that can prove useful in optimizing costs when demands fluctuate.

Enhance Productivity And Add Value To Your Business Operations

Even if 40% of your workforce is empowered by data-driven analytics, your company can save more than 40 hours a week on MIS (management information system) creation.

If Microsoft Azure and Power BI services are implemented and deployed by a trustworthy partner, you can save about 3000 hours a year and surge overall employee productivity. Understandably, when your employees have better opportunities of focusing on data analysis instead of data collection, your organization can essentially avail actionable insights, effective reviews and reporting consistency. Higher data accuracy makes identifying the prospects of sales and tailoring personalized marketing campaigns to narrow down the chances of cancellation uncomplicated and effortless.

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