Attaining Operational Flexibility During Uncertain Times

Marketing Team
Published on December 15, 2020

Rearrange the Existing Workflows And Surge Productivity

Steer away from the restrictions of time and location that worsens productivity and quality of work during a crisis with cloud technology.

The remote access solutions available are way more practical and manageable than they were about five years back. Unlike conventional solutions that always made room for some extra work by placing two structures of terminal servers and virtual clients side by side, cloud brings everything together on a common platform. Another advantage with cloud technology is that, there is just system that stores everything thereby, ensuring that your
company can cut down the additional costs of maintenance required for managing multiple standalone applications. This way, employees are freed from the lengthy process of logging in and out of several applications to collect and
analyse data. When they are empowered to derive everything from a single source of truth, the productivity automatically multiplies.

Provisioning and Scaling Of All Applications On Cloud

By scaling and provisioning all the Microsoft applications on the its cloud platform, companies could save a lot of time along with maximum compliance and security.

During uncertain times, every second counts. Thus, it is important to break down the bigger picture into smaller parts and make sure that the workflow is made up of a homogeneous mix of quick problem-solving and rational
strategies. By implementing cloud technology, organizations can standardize the provisioning and scaling of all their tools and applications and integrate them with primary system. This unified approach makes way for deeper insights into the present business operations and better monitoring to facilitate even distribution of workload.

Boost Profitability With Insights

In order to restructure successfully during uncertain times, cutting down the extra expenses and boosting profitability with accurate insights should be prioritized.

The pace at which customer behaviour and preferences are changing, it is quite difficult to assure that an organization can stick to the marketing plan that it created months back. Hence, your business must be quick to report the alterations in market trends and fabricate responses accordingly. By assimilating all the data in cloud, you can make use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate predictive analytics about what lies in the near future. Outlining some sort of clarity about how your business is going to perform and the potential demands for the next few days is indeed a healthy practice. The silver lining is, all of this could be achieved by Microsoft Power BI without having to employ and invest in a team of data scientists separately.

Integrate Multiple Data Sources

Data integration from multiple sources will provide information about every facet of your business starting from the profit margins, sales targets and pricings to inventory stock and supply chain management.

Gain greater control over your business operations by turning to business intelligence and cloud solutions. Formulating important decisions that could have huge effects on your business should be validated by hard data from the past and that is what Power BI does. It gathers high-quality data from reliable sources, sorts and analyses them to delineate trends and patterns that can simplify decision-making and improve the quality of their outcomes.
Also, the tool makes sure that your current endeavours are perfectly aligned with your goals of dealing with the crisis. Even though Power BI and Azure comes with an array of different features to swell the agility of business
processes, their capabilities of integrating data, creating precise forecasts and streamlining decisions make all the difference.

Greater Usability At Lesser Cost

Without the availability and scalability of virtual tools that allow users to access them anytime and from anywhere, switching to an unconventional mode of work could be challenging.

When the employees of a company are scattered during uncertain times, letting them access a collaborative platform is the first step towards bringing about operational flexibility. Arranging large volumes of information on the same platform to produce real-time reports and share them through interactive dashboards could open doors to multi-level usability at incredibly low costs. The data is saved in cloud and could be updated or downloaded from any device that has an internet connection. Even if your business wants to hire a few candidates for the being, it could be ticked off easily as access to these tools is independent of platform and location.

Security Against Cyber Threats

Achieve business continuity without the fear of losing confidential data with cloud and Microsoft's powerful security standards.

Managing everything in cloud will make it easier for you to create daily or weekly backups of all your data and files and restore them during a cyber-security threat. Depending on the size and requirements of your company, a trustworthy cloud service provider could configure the solutions with powerful security and encryptions to prevent every form of vulnerability. Microsoft tools and applications boast of robust security standards that are almost impossible to compromise. For instance, even if a document or file is lost from the system, the data in it cannot be accessed by any unauthorised user whatsoever. Moreover, you can have a recovery plan ready so that there’s no need to start from scratch.

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