5 ways for SMBs to improve performance with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Marketing Team
Published on July 13, 2021

Embrace the Future with Dynamics 365

Businesses have been able to reduce computing expenses and increase efficiency thanks to technologies such as cloud-based application suites and platforms. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a great example of such a system. This suite provides assistive technology that can cover both ERP and CRM-related demands to reduce the necessity for on-premise solutions in the long run. Dynamics 365 will help you to discover the capability of AI and PowerApps to change and shape the game of SMBs in today's market.

Connecting your data through Dynamics 365

Unifying all data under a single platform will help you to streamline your operations thus, saving time and increasing productivity.

You can connect your existing Microsoft office 365 to Dynamics 365 which would make your data more flexible and accessible across different apps and devices. Thus, it will ensure the similarity in experience for everyone. Microsoft 365 provides a unified administration center, from where you can manage the entire workflow, distinct departments, all your business apps through analytics and usage statistics. Dynamics 365 helps you to collaborate with other apps like Microsoft teams to connect with your partners and staff seamlessly. The dynamics 365 CRM solution can also help you to analyze customer feedback more efficiently. It can process all customer data and suggestions on a single platform for your benefit.

Gain Insight from Data

With access to data from all platforms in a single space, you can draw insights and analyze your data to get the desired result for the future.

Connecting data gives you the power to draw insights accurately with the help of AI and Automation. Analyzing collected data can help you to predict the unforeseeable future. Welcome changes that are necessary for your growth. Having real-time data is not enough if you don't spread the information to analyze it. Keep a dashboard for proper updates which will help you to unwrap the data and examine it as soon as possible. From customer surveys and support cases, embedded AI models can identify actionable insights and patterns. These models can scan and tag the text so that you can see it right away.it can decode the trends in customer feedback, or which service concerns are most time-consuming to fix

Efficiently Handle Everyday Processes

Dynamics 365 helps you to accelerate everyday business operations with much better clarity and efficiency.

It has standard processing rules which ensure the quality of data. Dynamics 365 also improve team performance by creating consistent and transparent functions, which makes it easier to decode. Embedded AI and automation reduce the amount of manual effort of repetitive and mind-numbing tasks. This helps to increase productivity by focusing on valuable tasks. Dynamics 365 has the following abilities

Engage your Customers

Engage your customer at the right time, through the right campaign, understand them better with Dynamics 365.

Marketing is like starting a meaningful and engaging conversation with your customers. And, Dynamics 365 is the tool that helps you to set that conversation right. It helps you to strengthen the relationship between marketing and sales. With the targeted campaigns at the right time, you can derive sales exceedingly. The CRM solution can store all customer details and information for you to understand how each of them responded to your marketing campaigns, which gives you the edge to engage them on a personal level. Personalization in sales has been taken to another level through Chatbots, where web visitors can feel like there are in power to operate through sales procedure.

Achieve Customer Loyalty

Empower your customers through self-service portals to make the process of sale more interesting, without adding extra resources.

Connected PowerApps Portal with Dynamics 365 CRM system opens a new world of data verse interaction between internal and external audiences. Portals can provide an interactive, web-based sale and support platform for customers so that they can find solutions as soon as they need them. This will help you to improve customer experience, you can analyze what attracts them more, and built portals based on their ratings. It comes with pre-built portal templates so you can set them up as you need them.

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