4 ways to Practice Cost Optimization on Azure Cloud

Marketing Team
Published on January 25, 2022

Azure Cost Optimization

The Azure cloud provides several built-in options for reducing your costs. You should be well aware of these options as you plan your strategy for Azure cost optimization.

Microsoft Azure is the go-to cloud computing provider for small, medium, and large businesses alike. According to Microsoft, Azure has over 68,000 partners and is the platform of choice for 95% of Fortune 500 enterprises, demonstrating its trustworthiness, reliability, and simplicity. Azure's expenditures now account for a considerable amount of most enterprises' IT budgets, thanks to the fact that it is the first choice for so many businesses around the world. Azure provides a number of built-in price models to assist you in managing your goods, as well as tools to help you optimize your selections to match your budget. However, with more expertise and experience, you can clearly notice the difference between focused cost optimization tactics.

Ensure Productivity with Remote Work

Choose Virtual Desktops to ensure that users have access to the desktops and programs from anywhere in the world.

You can easily spin up and grow virtual desktops with Windows Virtual Desktop, no need to provide new hardware—to ensure that users have access to the desktops and programs they need to work from anywhere. Windows Virtual Desktop provides the best virtual desktop experience for Windows 10 and Office 365, including multi-session support. You simply pay for what you use, and you save money by shutting off machines when they are not in use. Learn about new Windows Virtual Desktop capabilities we just launched to enable the even faster deployment, improve security and compliance, and give the Microsoft Teams user experience you'd expect on a desktop from within your virtual desktop. Employees require access to resources on-premises and in the cloud in addition to virtual desktops. Azure VPN Gateway allows you to swiftly extend and grow your on-premises virtual private network (VPN) solution. It can be quickly provided and scaled up and down. The Azure network is built to handle rapid changes in resource usage and can readily handle high usage periods.

Maintain Business Continuity to Avoid Costly Disruptions

Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery allow clients to swiftly back up their data and apps to the cloud and build cloud-based replication and recovery processes.

Many businesses are reviewing their backup and disaster recovery plans to ensure that their data and apps are completely protected against business interruptions. Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery allow clients to swiftly back up their data and apps to the cloud and build cloud-based replication, failover, and recovery processes with just a few clicks. Customers are also connecting remote branch offices to on-premises and public cloud where applications and data are located, using Azure Virtual WAN with supported partner SD-WAN devices to ensure dependable access. Azure Virtual WAN sends traffic from the branch office's closest network point to its destination across Microsoft's dedicated worldwide network, ensuring quick and reliable access.

Secure Data from Cyber-attacks

Azure Security provides a comprehensive view of the cloud and on-premise workloads with MFA, SSH, and RDP ports.

Cybercrime has developed as a result of the greater reliance on digital infrastructure to facilitate remote work. Microsoft spends over $1 billion on cybersecurity each year and has a huge threat intelligence source that processes over eight trillion signals every day. Azure Security Center gives you a comprehensive view of the security condition of all your cloud and on-premises workloads, as well as security advice such as enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA), protecting secure shell (SSH), and remote desktop protocol (RDP) ports, and more. Azure Online Application Firewall and Azure DDoS Protection provide zero-trust security for your web workloads, including identity verification on every access and network segmentation. Many clients also use Azure Sentinel, a cloud-native security information and event management SIEM, to get sophisticated AI-powered threat prevention.

Migrate to the Cloud and Save Money

Migrate to Azure Cloud for improved speed and efficiency at a much lower cost and maintenance.

Cloud migration is being accelerated by businesses in order to save capital expenditure, generate cost savings, and shorten time to value. Azure is five times cheaper than AWS to transfer Windows Server and SQL Server workloads, thanks to features like Azure Hybrid Benefit and free extended security upgrades. Migrate your Linux workloads to Azure for improved speed and efficiency on your favorite Linux distributions, thanks to Microsoft's integrated support. Through the Azure Migration Program, we also help clients decrease migration expenses and accelerate their migration journey by providing free migration tools, guidance, and best practices.

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