4 Ways Power Automate Can Boost Productivity In Facility Management

Marketing Team
Published on October 20, 2020

Deliver High-Quality Services

In order to ensure your company is delivering high-quality services, develop a process that monitors the major tasks from day-to-day with Power Automate

In the time and age of automation, maintaining spreadsheets to note down and track goals and activities aren’t the right way of going about things. Owing to the fact that facility management is made up of such intricate tasks, and mostly depends on customer relationships, one cannot leave any room for errors or delay. Instead, by deploying automation and allowing it to gather all the important bits and integrate them on one platform, the process of performance monitoring becomes a lot easier. This unified view of data can then prove helpful in validating your strategic plans and cutting down the additional time and costs.

Eliminate Confusion By Transitioning To Power Apps

Grow with technology using Microsoft Power Automate and reproduce Excel spreadsheets in the customized applications to avoid confusion.

One of the biggest advantages of using Power Automate is that you can simply replicate your spreadsheets there with or without any technical proficiency. All your workflows and tasks will be stored in a single source of truth. Your team can have complete access to the files and data so that they could be updated with their current status and tracked accurately. By pairing this tool with Microsoft Power BI, you can rearrange the sets of data as per the needs of the individual facilities. This entire procedure can be automated for your employees to shrug of the burden of gathering data and focus only on superior performance. Once the solution is revised with performance algorithms, the system would automatically send notifications and sync the available files.

Share Updates From Anywhere Around the Globe

Facility management companies that have their properties spread across the country or world could reap benefits from Power Automate as it allows them to share updates from anywhere.

The chief objective of switching to collaborative platforms from paper-based spreadsheets is to beach the restrictions of time and place. The digital approach makes it easier for the workforce to reduce transcriptional errors, manage time better and be clear about the goals of monthly inspections. Understandably, the facility management team has greater control over its responsibilities of inspection and reporting as Power Apps make it possible to share updates and download data from everywhere and at all times. The data can be saved in cloud storage and downloaded any time to produce rich and constructive reports.

Employees Are Less Resistant To Change

Dodge the challenge of introducing a new technology in the company because some employees are reluctant about the change.

Most companies step back from embracing digital transformation because they feel that their employees will not be able to keep up with the changes and that would hamper their momentum. Although this is partly true, relying on powerful systems and tools like Power Automate that carries out almost all the important tasks automatically with some basic configuration make things different. You IT team wouldn’t require any additional training or assistance to configure these tools and so is the case with your employees who are allowed access. You can rest assured that these advantages would persuade employees to be more responsive the changes and resultantly, capitalize on their digital devices to manage their daily checklists and track progress. Highly accurate data surges workforce productivity as they do not have to wait until the end of the month to review reports and fix the obvious issues.

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