4 Ways Microsoft Helps in Modernizing Manufacturing Industry

Marketing Team
Published on June 28, 2022

Manufacturing Industry

Microsoft Solutions for Manufacturing ties together the entire product and service lifecycle. Asset Productivity, Learning and Knowledge Management, Always-on-Service, and Supply Chain Visibility are some of the features included in this invention. It establishes a link between market demand, shop floor production, and real-time supply. It helps manufacturers stay on top of their game so that they can respond quickly when demand increases. When used with supply chain management software, the cloud can help map out supply chain routes and identify issues that may affect raw material delivery before they become a problem. Microsoft Solutions are intended to increase the agility and flexibility of manufacturers.

  • Agile Factory: Asset Productivity with Operational Visibility
  • Resilient Supply chain: Improves planning and optimization and enhances end-to-end visibility
  • Workforce Management: It connects the frontline workers directly and improves their productivity through automation

Modernizing your Supply Chain

Manufacturers suffer from wasted time, erroneous or missing data, and inefficient procedures due to an outdated technological stack. You can optimize your personnel, establish flexible planning and distribution processes, improve supply chain visibility, and maximize asset availability and efficiency by modernizing your supply chain. Dynamics 365 Supply chain management solution provides enhanced visibility of your entire supply chain i.e from inventory to logistics and customer needs. You also automate your processes with AI-powered low-code Azure Logic apps and Power Automate which will help you in increasing productivity. Connect to your Dynamics 365 data to better supply chain collaboration. Using data sharing, collaborate with your logistics partners to ensure that stores get the right goods at the right time in the appropriate quantity. You may save money on on-demand fulfillment costs by using fast and smart supplier qualifying processes that use intelligent distributed order management and agile product fulfillment options.

Quality Control with Azure IoT

Migrate to Azure to gain agility, lower costs, and improve supply chain resilience.  The ability to execute prescriptive maintenance on your machines, limiting downtime and severity of issues, is the primary value proposition for this. The Azure Internet of Things (IoT) is a suite of Microsoft-managed cloud services for connecting, monitoring, and controlling billions of IoT devices. Azure IoT uses machine learning-capable sensors and devices to assist predict equipment breakdown. Technicians can be notified before a failure occurs using this information. Image recognition and other metrics can be used to detect faults on the manufacturing line using Azure AI and IoT services. Quality inspection can be done in real-time utilizing IoT sensors that feed data into Azure AI, rather than doing quality control tests on final goods. This can either notify personnel of the issue so they can fix it or, in many circumstances, automatically change the manufacturing process to eradicate the flaw before it becomes a problem that requires work stoppage.

Automate with Project Bonsai

In recent years, automation has become an extremely significant production technique. By leveraging programming techniques to ensure that rules are properly followed and work that used to require people can be done with little or no human interaction, automation teams have made repeatable tasks far more efficient and accurate.  Microsoft has a product called Project Bonsai which is a Low-code AI development platform for intelligent control systems it paves the way to build autonomous systems in manufacturing using IA. Autonomous systems take automation to a new level, as they can quickly respond to dynamic circumstances and make intelligent decisions that were not possible through basic automation by using compute scale, simulations, and AI training methodologies.

Product Innovation with Azure Digital Twins

Azure Digital Twins is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that allows users to create digital replicas of real-world surroundings. The platform integrates with other Microsoft technologies, allowing for the analysis of previous behavior and the prediction of future results. It provides the benefit of real-time monitoring and control with the additional ability to learn with AI and ML, improving designs over time. Manufacturers can utilize them to remotely monitor and manage production, gather crucial data for real-time decision-making, increase strategic planning and operational efficiency, and innovate. It can simplify the manufacturing process optimization and resource allocation as you will be able to develop a digital model and decide accordingly.

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