4 Top Benefits of Adopting Facility Management Solution

Marketing Team
Published on August 24, 2021

Facility Management

Dynamics 365 Facility Management encompasses the administrative management of buildings, floors, locations, and surrounding regions, as well as their associated building budgets, expenses, and receivables, as well as documentation (such as contracts and annexes). Facility Management for Dynamics 365 is meant to track all incoming and outgoing customer contact through various channels in order to provide the best service.

Asset Tracking and Management

No more manual logging of details, with the Facility Management solution you can automatically track your assets, their location, with critical specifications and insights.

When advanced facilities are responsible for hundreds of thousands of assets at any given time, it's nearly difficult to ensure that they're all functioning well without the aid of facilities management software. Manually handling business is no longer an option. The increased contracts from various locations can pose a risk of losing asset locations and information with manual methods. Automated Facility Management solutions like Dynamics 365 SCM can help you simplify your business operations. Maintenance and repairs are only carried out on an as-needed basis. Attached FM with Dynamics 365 SCM can create precise and complete asset registers in seconds and can attach real-time data on critical specifications and insights on performance. Dynamics 365 makes your life easier with complete and clear asset information at all times.

Space Optimization

Facility Management will guide you to utilize your space optimally. With Dynamics 365 you can create a detailed floorplan to make use of every corner of your space.

Space management has never been this easier. Facility Management Solution helps you to utilize the entire space for your money's worth. With the traditional method, we have often seen an inconsistent use of space, some were overused and some remained untouched. With proper facility management solutions like Dynamics 365, you can obtain a clear floorplan on how to utilize every corner of your space judiciously. Acquiring a new floor design or flexible desking solution may save you thousands of dollars per month while also providing the additional capacity you require—all without increasing your overall square footage. Facility Management thus helps you to turn your physical space from a cost center to a valuable competitive advantage.

Project Management

Facility Management Solutions can streamline your projects by tracking expenses, trends and alerting you with necessary updates in real-time.

Managing a project from planning to execution is a huge responsibility as it requires your unwavering attention to every little detail. Adopting a Facility Management Solution will change that, it can alert you with deadlines, schedule meetings easily for you, manage your budget, and keep you posted with regular updates. The main advantage of a facility management system like Dynamics 365 PSA is the ability to track historical expenses, trends, and changes over time. You can quickly check that work is being done and proactively discover the cause of any delays by using a simple task grid that highlights every milestone on your project's route to completion, along with any associated scheduled and reactive activities.

Optimize Financial Management

Facility Management Solutions can assist you by helping you to choose your financial commitments by simplifying purchase orders and proper allocation of funds to obtain maximum efficiency.

Financial management is one of the most important sectors of many businesses. With profit being a top priority for most organizations, one of the most valuable features of facilities management software is its ability to assist businesses to organize their financial commitments. It helps in streamlining the administration of purchase orders, guaranteeing complete transparency over your orders, and the proper allocation of all funds. FM Quote management enables you to quickly evaluate options to ensure that you choose the supplier that provides the most value to your company, as well as send your own quotations to customers with maximum efficiency. Flexible sales invoicing solutions that are tailored to your specific contractual needs, ensuring that all invoices for everything you do with your system are handled automatically.

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