4 Tips To Choose the Right Cloud Service Provider For Your Company

Marketing Team
Published on June 22, 2021

Service Capabilities

Make sure your cloud service provider is capable of responding to the issues raised by your company quickly to avoid downtime and discontinuity of services.

Regardless of the size of your enterprise, it is important to depend on a cloud service provider who can respond in time and has the capacity to render support just within a few hours. The nature of service level agreements is a crucial factor to be considered while choosing your CSP. Apart from this, be mindful of the legal requirements associated with the security of data offered through the cloud service. In order to guarantee a transparent and long-term relationship with your cloud service provider, prepare a legal agreement that contains a list of all your needs from them.

Cloud Security

Delineate your cloud security objectives and the measures that the service providers offer to protect your business applications and data.

While high data security standards are a given in the case of cloud technology, understanding the security levels that your CSP can furnish your company with, will be added bonus. Make sure that you are well-acquainted with the data backup policies of the CSP and the specific area that it is responsible for. Security is one of the most significant concerns for data storage and access. Therefore, it is important that you first realize the requirements of your business and then assess whether or not your CSP is capable of fulfilling them. Questions about the industry standards, use cases and regulatory and compliance requirements are some of the areas that must be addressed.


The prices quoted by a CSP will play a vital role in helping you decide if you want their services.

Although it is true that the cost of the cloud solution should not be the single most crucial deciding factor, it should be given some serious thought. Apart from the rudimentary license and usage fees, find out what are the services is the CSP willing to add within the same window. Microsoft Azure’s services, for instance are billed according to the usage of the services. They are billed on-demand by gigabyte, hour and the number of executions. Sometimes, the services can be reserved and paid for, such as AWS.

Transitioning To Cloud

The assistance delivered by your cloud service provider while migrating to cloud is critical.

No matter what the situation is, the assistance delivered by your cloud service provider while migrating to cloud, speaks a lot about its support infrastructure. Setting up the cloud solution and helping you migrate to it should be done without additional charges. Additionally, different cloud services come with distinct container capabilities. Microsoft Azure furnishes its users with a fully-managed container orchestration and comes with serverless development option too.

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