4 Things To consider While Choosing Your Business Intelligence Tools

Marketing Team
Published on June 15, 2021

Platform Integration

The BI tool you are considering investing in should be capable of integrating with your existing systems and applications.

While choosing a business intelligence tool, make sure you are going for the one that is capable of integrating with your existing applications and systems and can automatically sync important files and data. The biggest advantage of using an integrated BI tool is that you can gain access to data from all the devices and systems that are connected to it. The tool and its features can be accessed by all the users, sales team, and major stakeholders through the same login information to help them work with error-free and the latest piece of information. Also, to forget, integrated BI tools are known to have better security standards than standalone and partially integrated solutions.

Flexibility And Scalability

To be able to use a business intelligence tool in the most effective manner, it should flexibly work across multiple devices and be scalable.

With a robust business intelligence tool, users expect that they have access to information always, regardless of their location. This feature hints at the fact that the usability of the BI system wouldn’t be limited by its geographical location and can be analyzed from anywhere. The scalability of the tool too is another factor that must be taken seriously. Needless to say, your company will grow with time and so will its data inventory. A scalable tool like Microsoft Power BI will quickly expand its capabilities to accommodate the changing needs of your company and let you work with greater agility.

Ease Of decision-Making

If you draw customer data from multiple online sources for decision-making then a self-service BI tool can be of great help.

Powerful BI tools are popular not only for their ability to generate accurate insights but also for automatically capturing structured and unstructured data from numerous sources and transforming them into high-quality information. Dealing with refined data assures that your chances of making smarter and more profitable decisions and attaining success with products/service campaigns are much higher. Spotting hidden trends and patterns in customer behavior and market patterns and sharing them through real-time reports and dashboards shouldn’t be a matter of hassle with your BI tool.

Availability Of Customization

Each department in your company should be able to break down data silos and build customized dashboards according to their unique requirements.

In this day and age of personalization, the concept of one-size-fits-all seems obsolete. Considering how stiff the market competition is, every company is doing its best to understand customer demands and correspondingly personalize its products/services. In such a case, the individual departments in an organization need a constant supply of updated data and insights to do their bits and help their products/services stand out. Bear in mind, the speed and ease of use of the data should not be disturbed by customization of the BI dashboards.

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