4 Advantages of Using CRM Solution to Simplify Remote Work

Marketing Team
Published on September 28, 2021

CRM for Remote Working

Standing in 2021, after witnessing the disastrous pandemic of Covid-19, we realized how the work culture and business have changed forever. With the majority of organizations now working remotely, the demand for the finest remote collaboration software is greater than ever. You must use CRM software to easily manage your business remotely, enhance team communication, and guarantee that you offer the greatest customer experiences during this critical period. The dynamics 365 CRM solution is available wherever and whenever your teams are conducting business with integrated solutions and protected information under one roof.

Manage Remote Teams

CRM solutions can accelerate communication and increase transparency between team members with updated data in a remote work setting.

In a remote work system, there comes the barrier of distance between team members and various departments. And, in any company, communication is the key element for conducting smooth operations. It is essential to have well-organized tasks in order to successfully embrace a remote working culture. By connecting Power Apps with a CRM solution like Dynamics 365, this may be accomplished. Other programs, such as Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Forms, and Microsoft Teams, can also be integrated. You can also opt for any 3rd party communication tool to enhance team coordination. By integrating communication tools you can use chat capabilities from within the tool or within your CRM, eliminating the need to switch between apps.

Centralizing Data

CRM Solution centralizes data from all departments under one roof to minimize any data loss and overlap. It also makes remote work easier by integrating everything under one database.

With a CRM solution like Dynamics 365, you can store all your data and information under one roof for easy accessibility. By implementing an easy-to-use CRM solution, you can constantly keep an eye on your customer database in CRM to enhance client connections and efficiency. If and when it is feasible to remove their data, contacts who have been inactive and silent for a long length of time should be basically pruned. And all these actions can be shared with your entire with proper authorization making remote work far more easier and collected. This also makes sure that there is no unnecessary bulk of duplicate data in the system.

Native Integration

Integrating CRM Solutions with other productivity applications to cut the hassle of juggling different software and losing track of your tasks, especially when you are not working together physically.

When working from home, your sales staff can't walk over to IT departments and ask for help. Remote working brings up so many new issues like delivering new laptops and maintaining security in a virtual environment, IT assistance becomes a mandatory part of the operation. As a result, providing self-service options to your sales personnel is critical. Here's where the CRM solution comes to play. Integrating Email into your CRM can significantly reduce the remote working issues as Sales representatives spend most of their time in Email transactions. Email is the go-to tool for delivering cold pitches, exchanging data with your internal team, and addressing prospect queries. You can track all of your emails, use productivity tools you enjoy like templates and sequences, and see all of your CRM contact data without ever leaving your inbox by connecting your Gmail or Outlook inbox and CRM.

Link Sales with Project Records

CRM software can be linked with Project Management software to simplify everyday operations with flexible capabilities .

Project Managers cannot walk the floor to oversee every minute detail in a remote work setting. To keep your project members in the loop, adopt CRM solutions like Dynamics 365. Integrate your Project management software to CRM solutions as CRM and PM software are both time-based applications that track deadlines and activities. You can quickly arrange the work you'll need to perform on a project that's on your agenda, and everyone in the CRM can see it. Consider this scenario: a consumer contacts your customer care or support staff with a question regarding a project you're working on. They may quickly respond to consumer questions regarding the project that come in through various media using a CRM that includes a project module. In a remote work setting, a collaborative tool like CRM can help you to streamline your operations.

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