4 Advantages of Cloud-based Azure Sentinel for your Business

Marketing Team
Published on September 7, 2021

Data Aggregation

Compiling data in a systematic order is an important step. WithAzure Sentinel handles data automatically and drives insights from them securely.

Aggregation is important because we need to handle data consistently: security, retention, and archiving rules must all be implemented consistently. SIEM (Security Information and event management) is a powerful solution for protecting organizations and IT systems of all kinds. Azure Sentinel, a Microsoft SIEM solution, delivers intelligent security insights for your whole organization at a cloud-scale. SIEMs capture security event data from all across the network, allowing for data gathering to be centralized in a single pane of glass. Azure Sentinel makes it simple to gather security data throughout your hybrid business, including devices, users, applications, and servers in any cloud. Most significantly, having all of the data on a single platform enables event correlation and data analysis, which are critical for solving the use cases we've discussed.

Data Normalization

Normalization is important to remodel data according to your preference. With Azure, you can store data uniformly which in turn would help you in quick searching and sorting.

After data collection from various sources, SIEM normalizes them. You can remodel the data in whatever format you require and desire. Normalization is the process of feeding known data properties into a general template, with anything that doesn't fit being omitted from the normalized event log. It provides for predictable and uniform storing of all information, as well as indexing these records for quick searching and sorting, which is critical when investigating an occurrence under time constraints. Microsoft Azure SIEM provides for a simple and consistent reporting and analysis on every occurrence and gives you the power to repurpose and store data adjusting to your needs. This not only helps in better log management but also in easier co-relation. This streamlines and declutters the process of analyzing data.

Threat Detection and Security Alerting

When your solution identifies a linked security incident, it might trigger an investigation by sending an alert to your IT security team. This enables your team to concentrate their attention on certain possible issue areas and determine whether your company has been hacked. They may then implement your incident response strategy and mitigate the danger as fast as possible, minimizing the harm you sustain. Azure Sentinel correlates millions of low-fidelity abnormalities to deliver a few maximum security occurrences to the analyst using cutting-edge, scalable machine learning techniques.

Compliance Monitoring

Sentinel is a compliance monitoring solution that assists you in determining whether or not your company is following internal policies.

Azure Sentinel assists businesses in patching their IT infrastructures and regulating third-party access. With these, comes the risk of cyber-attacks and if not adequately secured, both might constitute security flaws and compliance breaches risking all your confidential data. To offer real-time insight into possible cybersecurity risks, SIEM largely depends on event logs, also known as audit trails. SIEMs provide real-time security warnings for evaluation by IT personnel or a Security Operations Center by examining various logs over time (SOC). SIEM provides a centralized view of risks across a company's IT infrastructure. It can swiftly filter through hundreds of warnings and identify actual cyberattacks and breaches (as opposed to false positives) as soon as they happen, allowing you to respond fast and minimize damage. SIEM may also go on the attack to identify high-risk behaviors in your company.

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