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ERP & Business Value
Our ERP system supports the needs of the business.Select one.
Our ERP system is straightforward in terms of usability – the system is not difficult for new team members to adopt.*Select one.
Day to day business runs within the ERP, with few if any activities taking place outside of the system.*Select one.
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Our ERP system provides the reports and information necessary to run day to day operations.*Select one.
Our ERP system provides the reports and information necessary to run day to day operations.*Select one.
Business Risk Assessment
The publisher of our ERP system continues to invest in the product and it has a roadmap well into the future.*Select one.
Our ERP publisher plans to continue providing system maintenance well into the future.*Select one.
Our ERP system can support our firm’s growth plans into the foreseeable future.*Select one.
The publisher of our ERP system is financially stable.*Select one.
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What makes us differnt?

Tech Falcon's technology consulting in UAE provides high-quality, and affordable services to outsource your IT needs and attain the much-awaited success. The business models that we offer are such that they can adopt changes and be scaled anytime. Additionally, with these digital ecosystems, you can effectively invest your business resources at par with the needs and as a result, maximise ROI.
Digital Readiness Assessment
We engage with your teams to understand business needs, technical requirements, current pain points and future aspirations. We unearth areas of opportunities and identify risks. We then recommend a fit-for-purpose transformation road-map for you to achieve your business transformation goals. This is a good place to start if you are considering a transformation exercise but don’t want to rush it.

Technology migrations are necessary to maximize efficiency and minimize costs. Our cloud migration service ensures that you reduce risks and manage costs of migrating to transformation-ready platforms and technology. We use industry-leading migration tools and practices to help you plan and execute the complex technology migration cost-effectively without data loss and service disruptions.

Application Portfolio Rationalization
Your IT infrastructure is a crucial part of your digital transformation journey. Our Application Portfolio Rationalization service analyzes your application landscape as a whole, help identify opportunities to optimize resources, consolidate overlapping applications, and eliminate redundancies. Our recommendations are aimed to boost performance, elevate productivity, and eliminate bottlenecks.

Automation Assessment
Our Automation Readiness Assessment is the first step for organizations that are considering automation for business transformation. We carry out a short assessment to advice on the suitability and feasibility of automation that align your business objectives, cost-savings potential, RoI projections, and timelines. For organizations that are already using some degree of automation, we recommend improvements.

Advantages Of Technology Consulting

Embrace New Technologies

A reliable technology consultant can help you choose the right set of digital tools and solutions like artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and the cloud technology and boost productivity, demand and resilience and decrease equipment downtime and infrastructure investments.

Data Privacy And Security

Capitalize on technology consulting to rapidly transform legacy systems, innovate, and be aligned with the continually-evolving technological landscape. Deploy solutions that can improve data privacy and security and balance investments and risks.

Resourceful Technology Strategies

Design resourceful technology strategies and implement state-of-art solutions to enhance the quality and timeline of service delivery, and agility of business functions.

Cloud Solutions

Tech Falcon’s technology consulting is aimed at establishing flexible, cost-effective and scalable workflows and business models to innovate business solutions and make the most out of cloud-based opportunities.

Data Analytics

The size and reach of the market is expanding everyday. This implies that the amount of data available with an enterprise is multiplying too. Credible technology consulting can prove beneficial in breaking down data silos and standardising it. When both structured and unstructured data are brought together on one platform, the process of sorting and analysing them to generate actionable insights for streamlined decision-making is simplified.

Engagement Models

We recommend various ways to engage with your customers and increase their retention rate. Be on top of the list as far as client satisfaction is concerned be it for multi-year or one-time projects.

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