ERP Software Trends Likely To Take Over the Distribution Industry

Marketing Team
Published on December 27, 2020

By now, the most influential distributors of the market must have realized that ERP software is the most practical and profitable choice for fuelling their business growth. The biggest advantage of implementing Microsoft ERP software essentially lies in its scalability and flexibility. If you are looking forward to seeking assistance from a leading ERP implementation expert in Dubai, let us share a piece of good news with you. Instead of completely replacing the older system, you can make the Microsoft ERP software a part of the same network, and sync and extract large volumes of data and store them at a centralized location.

With the right ERP software, distributors can gain a competitive edge in the industry by increasing operational efficiency, streamlining business processes, monitoring inventory levels, cutting down additional costs, improving forecasting, and others. Considering the cutting-edge market competition, it wouldn't be very difficult for you to guess that distributors must constantly ensure that they are working with the latest and best systems available and resultantly, improving their workflows. Even though the needs of the companies largely differ from one another, there are a set of ERP software trends that will benefit all of them equally.

The ERP Software Can Be Scaled-up Or Down

Quite like any other technology that is introduced in the market, the ERP software too was first used and tested by the stalwarts of the distribution sector and then passed on to the small and medium-scale enterprises. While a lot of these businesses only depended on the basic version of ERP software, with the emergence of cloud solutions, things have changed for the better. Cloud-based Microsoft ERP solutions have made it easier for small businesses to migrate to this platform without discarding their old systems altogether and investing in new ones. This implies that distributors, regardless of the size and reach of their organizations, will have equal possibilities of working with the most advanced industry-vertical digital solution. Apart from rendering them with enough power to streamline their business processes despite the ever-fluctuating market demands, cloud-enabled Microsoft ERP software can help them reach their goals further and aim to a part of the bigger picture.

AI-integrated Systems

Artificial intelligence forms the nucleus of data analytics and makes sure that all the distinct aspects circumscribing the latter are seamlessly unified. The notion that up until now, ERP solutions lagged in predictive analytics and other forecasting abilities is not entirely true. These tools were only capable of collecting and assessing limited volumes of data, that too from unauthentic sources, and hence, crucial business decisions were only based on instincts. However, now that tables are turning and artificial intelligence along with machine learning is taking over ERP solutions, the accuracy levels of demand forecasting for distributors are spot-on!

Improves Accounting

The logistics management and inventory management tools furnished by the Microsoft ERP software are perfect fits for distributors and their requirements. The accounting capabilities of the Microsoft ERP software are an additional boon. Facilities such as resource optimization, maintenance scheduling, and accounting integrations are encouraging distributors to fall back on these solutions for successfully conducting every stage of their business operations.

Cloud-based ERP Is Here To Stay

ERP systems that are designed, implemented, and hosted in-house are being gradually pushed out of the limelight. As we have mentioned before, cloud-based Microsoft ERP software is taking over and offering greater agility which, in turn, is allowing the distributors to customize their solutions and gain access to data from everywhere.

Furthermore, cloud-based ERP solutions are one of the best ways of demolishing organizational silos that have existed in a business forever. When every piece of data related to your company is stored and accessed from a centralized platform, employees get to focus on the more challenging tasks and save a lot of time. Needless to say, the cloud-enabled software solutions expedite interconnectivity amongst distributors, customers and manufacturers, and departmental collaboration.

Easier Access To Data

ERP systems have already made access to real-time data through interactive reports and dashboards a cakewalk for distributors. Currently, developers are making efforts to enable ERP systems to capitalize on the internal storage space of devices rather than separate disk space. This means the distributors will be able to pull out data from the devices' memory faster and update them in real-time.