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Empower your Organization with a Comprehensive Facility Management Solution

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Published on June 8, 2022

What is Facility Management?

Facility management is optimizing the basic day-to-day operations to ensure a positive physical environment that supports your company’s needs. In essence, it's the basic (and often difficult) management of the instruments and services that support a structure's activities as well as its surrounding infrastructure and real estate. Facilities management also includes services like a deep cleaning of your offices, exterior maintenance, and security, which ultimately help you to improve your customer experience. Facilities management (a facilities manager) guarantees that your physical spaces and assets can meet your organization's demands, regardless of the industry.

Benefits of Facility Management Solution

  • Smart building software

Traditional facilities management is time-consuming, as it necessitates a large number of personnel to examine buildings and equipment, as well as go onsite to diagnose and resolve issues. Sensor-equipped building systems, remote monitoring systems, and smart building software that analyzes data and warns about what's wrong or about to go wrong. It often lets facilities managers correct problems remotely, making it easier for facilities managers to solve problems.

You need smart building software like Dynamics 365 that can monitor various facility operations from a central operations center, that can resolve problems remotely if possible, and dispatch personnel to address mechanical difficulties that cannot be resolved remotely. The facilities management business is undergoing a major digital transition, with smart building software allowing building owners to better manage their assets.

  • Facility Maintenance and Inspection

The facilities management staff is responsible for maintaining every component of the building, including installed machinery like HVAC systems. Establishing and adhering to stringent maintenance plans helps to ensure that both movable and permanent portions of the facility stay up-to-date and functional well into the future because some facilities contain numerous aspects that require routine maintenance. Facility management staff must constantly be prepared for inspections in addition to routine maintenance. They can get the company ready for the numerous official regulatory inspections they might encounter each year by carrying out internal inspections as needed.

  • Enhanced Productivity

The primary goal of a facility management solution is to ensure that your employees, workers, and residents can efficiently carry out their job obligations. This entails ensuring that the area is tidy, organized, and prepared for use. Additionally, it indicates that machinery, tools, and technology operate effectively when required.

  • Budget and Cost Control

The most accurate reflection of a company's operations, priorities, and overall direction may be found in its budget. A review of budgetary decisions will also show whether a specific business area requires additional or continuous investment in facilities. So, a customized facility management solution integrated with Dynamics 365 F&O can prepare multiple-segmented budgets, budget control, budget revision, and actual comparison. To operate a profitable business, you must manage your costs with each decision you make.

  • Warehouse and Logistics Management

Warehouse systems are essential to the supply chain for small businesses because they allow them to manage inventory and fulfill both in-person and online orders. With a facility management solution, you can track your inventory and create instant receipts to maintain visibility. Also, plan your logistics route more efficiently to optimize cost and reach your clients at the earliest possible time.

  • Safety

Many environmental and safety-related issues must be controlled and managed by the facility management solution in an organization. Failure to do so could result in unsanitary conditions that make workers sick, hurt, lose business, face legal action, and file insurance claims. Negative publicity resulting from safety violations may also have an impact on investors' and customers' faith in the company. A firm could be damaged or forced to close its doors by the threat of fire, which poses one of the highest risks for fatalities. All fire safety systems, equipment, and documentation shall be maintained, inspected, and tested by the facility management solution, which will also maintain records and certificates of compliance.

  • Streamlines responsibilities and tailors services to individual needs

Facility management solutions are not always one-size-fits-it-all. You need a competent solution consultant who can help you customize your solution to target your specific needs. Dynamics 365 offers customization which can benefit you to maintain your organization thoroughly in a cost-optimized way.

Which Sectors Can be Assisted with Facility Management Solutions?

The benefits of facility and workplace management solutions have substantially helped dozens of industries. But the top sectors are the ones listed below.

1. IT Industry

IT and Telecom is an ever-booming sector with a constant need for facility management. The execution of crucial projects, site management, network upgrades, and maintenance of IT and telecom assets all depend heavily on facilities. Data centers, broadcast stations, and communication towers are examples of crucial infrastructure that needs to be monitored and maintained constantly. Downtime could refer to a brief interruption of Internet connectivity and communication, which can be quite upsetting to both the clients of IT and telecom companies as well as their business operations.

2. Manufacturing

It can be difficult to run manufacturing facilities, factories, and other industrial buildings. These enormous complexes contain numerous heavy machinery and equipment for assembly and production, as well as many systems for controlling utilities, heating, cooling, and safety. Facility managers must tick robots and AI-powered devices off their checklists in increasingly contemporary factories. Facility managers and their staff now have improved visibility over their buildings, equipment, systems, people, and other assets thanks to the emergence of the computer-aided, manufacturing facility management system. Improved visibility produces better, more useful insights.

 3. Real Estate

To manage commercial buildings, residential properties, office spaces, and other properties for sale or rent, construction companies and real estate agencies use a variety of facility management platforms like computer-aided facility management, real estate asset management, and property management systems. It helps in increasing profit by keeping real estate properties in excellent operating condition. With the help of these technologies, businesses in the construction and real estate sectors may plan and carry out building repairs at the most convenient time to minimize any inconvenience to tenants and employees and to draw in potential buyers and tenants. A facility management solution helps you make the most of your office premises. The software also assists in spotting potential building problems like leaking pipes, wall cracks, exposed electrical wires, and defective fire alarms so that they may be fixed before they worsen and become more expensive concerns.

How does Microsoft Support your Facilities?

Dynamics 365 Facility Management provides a comprehensive platform. It can be easily integrated with your existing solution as it is built on dynamics software. It manages the administrative management of buildings, floors, locations, and surrounding areas as well as the associated building expenditures, expenses, receivables, documents, and business processes (such as contracts and annexes).

Microsoft understands how important basic day-to-day facilities are to keeping your organization running smoothly. It is designed to track all incoming and outgoing client communications across various channels (phone calls, emails, meetings, etc.). Facility Management for Dynamics 365 offers first-rate service. It guarantees a streamlined user experience by carefully outlining all tasks and providing easy access to the most important dashboards.

Tech Falcon is a Microsoft Dynamics partner for Facility management, that offers solutions to improve the occupancy rate and long-term sustainability of facilities. Apart from building customized management solutions to meet the specific demands of our clients, we guide them through the entire process starting from designing and implementing the solutions to management and optimization of all the operations involved. As a Microsoft Dynamics partner for Facility management, we ensure that your enterprise is using the technologies at its disposal in the most profitable manner and resultantly, adding to the overall business value.