Edu Desk 365

A innovative way of managing your education institution
Digital innovation has impacted and changed different sectors in various ways, and Education sector is not left behind. These changes are changing both the content and delivery mechanisms of education and the associated learning outcomes. But digital technology also has the potential to slash the cost of processing, data collection and communication associated with administrative processes, resulting in an often-dramatic increase of efficiency and effectiveness. 

While there has been much investment in digitising the classroom, the digitisation of school administrative functions has been limited. Though various financial management and accounting systems have been implemented but their scope has been more related to overall school management, rather than reducing low-value administrative tasks. The lack of investment in digitising administrative activities has come at a cost – both in terms of dollars spent on administrative activities and drains on teacher time. 

Dealing with cash just takes up so much time. It keeps us from focusing on more important things: like teaching

- School Administrator , Dubai

Tech Falcon has brought to you an all-around finance, billing and procurement management system for School and higher education institution, EduDesk 365, integrated with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to simplify the process of overall student management and accounting operations. It helps in collecting, processing, maintaining, and displaying data and information within an educational organization. It’s the ideal solution for growing multi-academy trusts looking to centralise their finances but needing to retain flexibility for management at school level too. 

Discover the benefits of EduDesk 365

Features of EduDesk 365

We have designed the Ta’aleem 365 on Microsoft Business Central platform to help you achieve maximum efficiency. It is divided into three modules:

Customer Relationship Management

CRM features help you to attract, retain and serve students, parents, and academic institutions in the best way possible. When used effectively, CRM can help institutions get important insights about their clients, enabling them to build enduring relationships with past, present, and future students as well as alumni. The CRM extension can manage all the following operations:

 1. Enrolment Management :
A versatile education software makes the enrolment process easier for both parties. Taaleem 365 provides a cloud-based platform to manage both student and parent enrolment by providing them automated registration process. It creates an account for each student and parent with all the necessary details under one roof. It helps you in verifying student data and compiling merit lists according to pre-defined criteria for multiple admission rounds depending on the availability of seats. It also makes the documentation process easier.
 2. Document Management:
It is important to sort out all your documents but doing it manually can be extremely tedious. We have added automation to track your documents to alert you when necessary. It can send out automated notifications and emails about document expiry, payment due dates, installment updates, etc.
 3. Integrated Microsoft Teams:
A clear and concise way to communicate with your teacher can help students and their parents in understanding the ongoing course curriculum. It comes with an Assessment feature, which allows the teacher to create test papers very efficiently, the students can take the test and submit it to the Teams themselves. It makes it easier to track a student's score for both teachers and parents.
 4. Scholarship Management:
There can be many students who are supported by different scholarship programs. Our platform helps you to keep track of all the payment and academic details of those students.
Operation Management
 1. Fees Proposal:
When enrolling or promoting students to new grades, you need to generate their fees invoices to update them to the parents. It can be generated for a flexible amount of time, based on your needs. You will find an option to generate fee proposals based on grade, terms, and divisions.
 2. Payment Management:
After enrolling students you need to generate their payment proposals, to save time, we have made introduced an automated payment generation system. You can set the grade, term, and year according to your need. It can include any mode of payment option for an entire class within a few clicks. It obliterates any manual calculation and generates automated full and final settlement. Auto generation of fees can help you create a draft and print it out automatically.
 3. PDC Management:
A post-dated cheque is one that the recipient can encash at a future date. Our software can help your accountants to track and verify their bank details to calculate the payment.
 4. Discount Calculation:
Organizations often offer discounts to encourage prompt and upfront payment, but calculating discounts manually can be very tedious. So, with the education management system, you can generate discounts automatically based on Grade, Term, Scholarship and all your required criteria.
 5. Finance and Accounting:
EduDesk 365 manages short-term and long-term budgeting to help you make better financial decisions with minimal error. It helps you in tracking all AP and AR along with all the chosen payment modes through general ledger. It also simplifies the hiring and retiring of the asset with automated asset management module.  
 6. Purchase and Inventory Management:
Built on Business Central platform, EduDesk 365 is equipped to handle any product procurement. It allows you to purchase, record and keep track of any school supplies or equipment.
Reporting Management
 1. Fees Reports:
Managing and tracking numerous fee details within a few clicks can be very helpful. Our software allows you to view all outstanding fees, listed according to student and parent codes for easier tracking. Based on student code, you will be able to access their gross fees, payment structure, discount applicable, etc directly from the reports.
 2. Detailed SOA:
To keep track of every student, Taaleem 365 will generate reports on the number of new students enrolled or left, with their joining and leaving date along with their chosen payment plan with installment details.
 3. Discount Register:
Different discount category is applicable based on the chosen fee structure. Track all discount percentages, and net fee discounts based on grade, term, and duration along with student profile. Revamp your discount management with us.
 4. Sales/ Revenue Reports:
A sales report, also known as a sales analysis report, is a document that summarizes a school's enrolment activities. It is an analytical tool that provides insights into the performance of various sales activities. EMS generates reports on the total income of the year, quarter, and month based on grade.
 5. Collection Reports:
The Collection Summary report gives you a summary of receipts collected like fee description, gross revenue, discounts, net revenue, monthly revenue, PDC status, outstanding fee. It also shows how they were applied (invoices, debit memos, service charges, or unapplied), and the typical number of days to collection. Collection report provides a detailed summary of client’s payment patterns.
 6. Ad-hoc Reports:
Ad hoc reports give users the freedom to design their own reports whenever they need. It can assist users in visualizing data, which is important for getting useful responses to their inquiries, making it an interactive reporting experience.
 7. Ageing Reports:
To keep track of all financial record, along with their chosen payment plan and installments, you need an ageing report. It records the overdue payments with past-due bills from a certain timespan that is used to assess the financial standing.
8. Financial Management Reports:
It provides a comprehensive account of all financial transactions showing the list of expenses and incomes generated over a specific time period. It provides crucial details regarding economic resources, such as P&L, Trial balance, balance sheet, cashflow and other financial statements. 
9. Power Bi Enabled Dashboard:
With the advanced support of Power BI turn your raw data into insights within few minutes. Power BI dashboards present your latest data in one consolidated view, regardless of where the data lives. It allows your institution a comprehensive and interactive way of highlighting the exact data that you need to focus on.  

Impact of Microsoft Business Central in your ROI

Our education management solution, Ta’aleem 365 is built on Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, providing you the access to the innovative features and functionality of Business Central. A new Total Economic Impact (TEI) from Forrester Consulting traces the cost savings and business benefits enabled by adopting Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud. An EMS supported by Business Central can improve your flow of operations, save extra licensing costs, provides scalable cloud support with better data visibility and reduced risks. As a centralized solution, it makes it easier to handle various end-operations seamlessly.

How can Tech Falcon help you with Education Management?

Tech Falcon provides educational institutions with all tools to manage the back-end administrative operations to support entire student body with superior learning experience. We have built a customized solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to help you, by automating regular administrative tasks, fee structuring, tracking enrolment management, etc. Apart from building customized management solutions to meet the specific demands of our clients, we guide them through the entire process starting from designing and implementing the solutions to management and optimization of all the operations involved. At Tech Falcon our main goal is to ensure that your enterprise is using the technologies at its disposal in the most profitable manner and resultantly, adding to the overall business value.
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