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Discover the Embedded Analytics of Power BI to Supercharge your Business Operations

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Published on January 19, 2022

Data visualization tools like Power BI assist us in visualizing data to aid decision-making, but can we provide our clients with the same capabilities? Embedded visualizations elegantly integrate best-in-class analytics into your application or website. Visuals can be created by analysts within your organization rather than software programmers, reducing development time and enhancing agility and flexibility. Offering embedded analytics to your clients is a key difference, therefore let's look at how Power BI Embedded, one such tool, may assist.

What is Power BI Embedded?

Power BI Embedded is an Azure-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) that allows you to govern user authentication, allowing end-users to see embedded reports without needing a Power BI license. It enables you to share useful dashboards and reports with your customers or staff, wherever it is most convenient for them to consume data.

Capacities are purchased through the Azure Portal and used by Power BI Embedded. Rather than sharing pooled resources on the public Power BI Service, Capacities provide organizations the enterprise features of Power BI as well as specialized hardware resources for delivering up visualizations. Capacities are also available through Office 365 (where they're known as Premium Capacities), although their functionality differs slightly.

Power BI embedded analytics

  • Power BI Embedded Benefits
  1. Allows you to share Power BI content both internally and externally without the need for additional Power BI Pro licenses.
  2. Allows you to customize and manage user experiences for different types of audiences, such as companies and individuals.
  3. Allows you to set row-level security (RLS) if necessary to ensure data is suitably filtered depending on user identity.
  4. End-users get a consistent experience that does not vary monthly or require monthly end-user training.

How does Power BI Embedded differ from the Power BI Service?

Users can share reports within their own organization using the Power BI Service, which is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) site. The Service provides web-based access to published visualizations and the datasets that support them. Users must first log in to the Power BI Service and have a valid license. Users log in as usual to your app or website and then see and interact with data visualizations that are seamlessly embedded in your corporate look and feel, all without the requirement for a Power BI license.

Users can utilize the Power BI Service to publish reports and dashboards, re-use previously published datasets, collaborate on analysis, and use augmented analytics to uncover insights they may have overlooked. While Power BI Embedded uses the Power BI Service to source datasets and reports, it is built exclusively for businesses to embed data visualizations within their applications. Embedding allows you complete control over what your users see and do, including limiting data downloads, concealing filters and report tabs, and displaying visuals with bookmarks.

Can you embed Power BI without Power BI Embedded?

There are three main ways to embed Power BI visualizations, two of which don’t require Power BI Embedded:

  1. Embed for your organization
  2. Embed for your customers
  3. Embed for everyone
  • Embed for your organization: Embed for your company allows you to embed Power BI reports and dashboards in a portal, such as a secure website or intranet, or in SharePoint Online. The Power BI Service handles report authorization and authentication in this case, and users must have a Power BI Pro license (or a Free license if the Workspace containing the report has Premium Capacity). This option could be used by your company to securely embed the Sales dashboard into the Sales team's portal.
  • Embed for your customers: Power BI Embedded is all about embedding for your customers: your existing app handles authentication and authorization, and your users don't need a Power BI license or any other login credentials to see and interact with secure embedded dashboards. Customers could, for example, access a report on their service usage from within your app.
  • Embed for everyone: Embed for everyone, commonly known as "Publish to Web," allows anybody who knows the website's URL to view the embedded content. It may be appropriate for public blog entries or websites, because granular data, even if aggregated when displayed on the visual, can be viewed and downloaded by anybody. Publish to Web lacks authentication and authorization, making it unsuitable for sensitive personal or business data. This option could be used by a government to display interactive reports on population numbers overtime on their website.

Top Features of Power BI Embedded

  1. Grow your Business: You can genuinely differentiate yourself from the competition by including interactive reports and dashboards into your Microsoft apps. You'll be able to find critical information faster than ever before, which will help you boost income, project management, and client interactions. Users who use Power BI Embedded will save time and money by not having to construct and manage their own analytics. The following are some examples of how you can expand your business, according to Microsoft:
  • Get to market faster
  • Create unique data products and services.
  • Impress customers and create lifelong fans
  • Identify new revenue sources.
  1. Control the User Experience: To improve the user experience, there are hundreds of images and functionality to pick from. You may try out many of the features in the Power BI Embedded Playground without having to write any code. To get started, simply select the sample you wish to investigate, make any necessary changes to obtain the desired results, and then click Run. You can personalize this experience for your consumers in a variety of ways, including:
  • Use your brand colors so that the graphics suit your app.
  • Allow users to change or build dashboards for analysis.
  • Turn on Q&A so that users may obtain answers right away.
  • Customize the analytics menu to include actions that are useful to your users.
  1. Easy to Deploy and Manage: You can let your developers work on your core applications while all of your analytics are processed using Power BI Embedded. Through Power BI Embedded APIs, SDKs, and wizards, your data will be simplified and safeguarded. Some of the elements that help you prepare for deployment are as follows:
  • The JavaScript SDK makes it simple to embed.
  • Row-level security ensures data privacy in single and multi-tenant implementations.
  • APIs can be used to track performance.
  • By scaling to meet demand, you can provide the optimum user experience.

Power BI Embedded

Power BI Embedded is a modern data visualization solution that aids in the telling of data stories and the extraction of business insights. Embedded analytics has a compelling use case in that it allows for eye-catching, interactive data visualizations in apps. The Power BI Embedded API generated a secure token, which was then passed to a web app, which displayed our fully interactive report without requiring a user login or a license.