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Rapid implementation means you can start using the Microsoft Business Central product within as little as a few weeks. You don't need a large project team, long requirements meetings, or a lot of support from IT. 

Why Business Central Rapid?

Templated Implementation
A Templated Implementation is a predefined blueprint that is used to deliver ON-TIME and ON-BUDGET software projects in 3 months.
Immediate return on Microsoft Investment
Business Central is an industry-leading business application. With rapid implementation, you gain immediate return on your Microsoft investment.
Follows Industry 
Best Practices
Our implementation practices is a result of years of experience and learning. We follow the best industry-trusted best practices.
Partnership with Tech Falcon
For us partnerships are not about a single transaction. We become your trusted advisor and consultant for your overall digital transformation journey.

Tech Falcon Business Central Offerings

We offer Busimness Central Rapid and Business Central Standard implementations. 
Business Central Rapid
5 Users, One Legal entity
Rapid is a templated implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central
1 country / 1 legal entity
No process analysis workshops are required
No large data migration requirement
Minimal supporting documentation
Appetite to get a solution in quick
Business Central Standard
Full implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central (4-6 months)
Process review workshops required
Large data migration
Analysis & Design workshops included
More detailed supporting documentation

What will not happen in a Rapid Project?

The objective of a rapid implementation is to get up and running within the agreed project timeline. Hence, the following activities that are part of a standard implementation project will not happen during a rapid implementation.

Analysis & Design Workshops

With a templated approach, there will not be a dedicated analysis and design workshops for the implementation so as to get started from day one.

Detailed Requirements Gathering

We have compressed timelines of months into weeks with our deep exprience. Therefore, detailed requriements excercises will not part of rapid implementation. 

Large Data Migration Effort

Templated approach also means that large data cleansing and data migration efforts will not be part of this implementation approach. 

Customization & Integration

Any customization or integration needs will be taken up after the go live of the Business Central Rapid implementation.  

Customized GCC/ME Payroll 
  • Salary plan
  • Overtime calculation
  • Loan management/Salary advance
  • General ledger integration
Supply Chain Management 
  • Inventory/Stock Management
  • Procurement Process
  • Sales order processing
  • Customizations, 3 Documents or Report Formats
  • Capacity Planning
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Machine Centre Management
  • Production Bill of Materials
  • Production Order Management
  • Production Scheduling
  • Supply Planning
Assembly Management / Adv. Manufacturing 
  • Assembly BOM
  • Assemble Management
Service Management 
  • Contract Management
  • Service Order Managements
  • Warranty Management
  • Bank/Cash
  • Fixed assets
Project Management 
  • Capacity Planning
  • Budget as Estimate
  • Job and Process costing
  • Resource Management
Business Applications to power up the  innovation engine enterprise-wide
Automation & AI to do more with less by eliminating menial tasks    
Analytics & Insights to see data in new ways and spot new roads of opportunity. 
Choosing the right partner is the most important step in your transformation journey. 

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