Increase Citizen Engagement And Embrace Digital Transformation In the Public Sector With Dynamics 365

Marketing Team
Published on November 10, 2020

Automation Is Directly Proportional To Citizen Engagement

Implementing Dynamics 365 customer service is the most viable way of providing a unified point of contact that can redirect queries to the departments concerned for them respond faster.

Government organizations are actively capitalizing on Dynamics 465 to offer their citizens a single platform that can be used to manage contacts and quickly fabricate solutions for their queries. Unlike the bygone days, the advanced tools and technologies under Microsoft’s hood makes collecting information, summarizing projects and documenting their progress, and sharing data across departments easier. This, therefore, narrows down the chances of duplication and inaccuracy and generates a clear roadmap assuring project success. With Dynamics 365 and its automation feature, your newly-developed processes can comply with the individual needs of the departments and directly align them with the corporate practices.

Delivering Objectives On Time

The municipality can fulfil its long-term goals with Dynamics 365 and amplify productivity while designing and delivering citizen-focused services and catering to the internal needs.

Dynamics 365 is an effective tool for revolutionizing and automating the existing systems of the government and ensuring that they are in a position to deliver whatever is promised to the citizens. The citizens, on the other hand, can have seamless access to a wide variety of services from the government’s online portal. Apart from expanding the catalogue of choices for the residents, the tool also places them in a spot of greater control.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Is the Most Effective Recourse For Introducing Cloud

The advantages of working with an integrated system that can be scaled up or down depending on the changing requirements are imperative for government organizations.

If an organization is smoothly functioning with their existing platforms, implementing Dynamics 365 will only improve their operations and help in outlining strategies that can seem fruitful in the future. The aim is to fall back on a solution that can grow with the ideas and proposals of the government and Dynamics 365 does exactly that. Migrating to cloud can save them a lot of time that would have been otherwise invested in preplanning and filtering large volumes of data relevant to citizen welfare.

Offers Citizens With Enough Transparency Into Operations

The municipality can bring about significant changes in its reporting and workflows for the better.

Government sectors that have introduced Microsoft Dynamics 365 in their workflows have revealed that the management dashboards that can be shared across departments help them monitor financial processes better and with more authority. One of the most prominent benefits of this tool is that it doesn’t disturb the prevalent ecosystem. It only enhances the staff’s ability to stay on track and transparently communicate the developments to the citizens.

Fuelling Digitization With Power Apps and Power Automate

In order to embrace digital transformation in its true sense and make the most of it, government organizations must explore some of the other powerful tools offered by Microsoft such as Power Apps and Power Automate.

Digitizing processes from their request to capital sanction can be seamlessly facilitated through Microsoft Power Automate and Power Apps. Up until a few years ago, processes associated with teamwork, safety, service, attitude and respect were manually conducted and mostly paper-based. However, with the disruption brought about by Power Apps, creating apps that can automate repetitive tasks and integrating them in the CRM has become really easy.

Support All the Departments Of the Municipality

Dynamics 365 have proven useful for efficaciously managing the workforce and modernizing financial to facilitate quick implementation of changes and expansion of citizen projects.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources makes it possible to quickly shift the Employee Services team to a more flexible and agile human capital management guidance and support. This area is free from the constraints of traditional HR operations that focus on payment tracking and transactional data management more than anything else. Efficiently managing the workforce whenever there is a need to increase or reduce the number of on-field staff, and optimizing resources and offering them access to real-time data can be streamlined with Dynamics 365.

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