Improve Your Global Brand Value With Cloud Technology

Marketing Team
Published on January 19, 2021

Digital Transformation Can Change the Work Culture For the Better

Augment your company’s intellectual capital by transforming its workplace into a modern and connected platform that can compete in a digitally-advanced marketplace.

The first step towards improving your global brand value and productivity is by rendering your employees with a work environment that is collaborative, flexible and connected. Therefore, introducing cloud technology in your organization would empower your workforce to be productive in whichever and however way they want. Furthermore, they can generate and share reports with their colleagues on the same platform and get things ticked off from there to-do lists more effectively and much faster. To make things better, the strapping security standards of cloud ensure that even if the data is being shared on a common platform, it cannot be accessed by any unauthorized user.

Connecting People To People, Systems and Information

Allowing your team to seamlessly connect with all the integral entities of your business is necessary to improve the speed, accuracy and quality of decision-making.

When a company is looking forward to securing a top position both in the retail and digital markets, it becomes very important to know the group of audience it is reaching out to. Market trends are changing rapidly and thus, your company must always be able to lead the demands. This is where the role of cloud technology comes into play. Its collaborative features help companies evolve their business operations at the same pace as their customers’ tastes and preferences. More so, it connects people involved in bringing about this change with other people and all the available resources to collect high-quality customer data, sort and analyse them to generate actionable insights. Your organization might have a very keen eye for consumer behaviour patterns, but with cloud technology, it’s just better!

Better Analytics And Insights Lead To Better Customer Experience

By improving data analytics and insights, your company will automatically get close towards fabricating impactful customer experiences.

Predictive analytics is one of the most sought-after resources for augmenting manufacturing and supply chain management. Depending upon the needs of your company, the Internet of Things solution can upload data to cloud as soon as they emerge and design predictive algorithms to ensure that the operations are running with optimal efficiency. Following this, you can implement business intelligence to make adjustments and closely monitor performance in real-time. The best part about shifting all your business processes to cloud is that you can collect and analyse data from anywhere to improve the real-time insights crucial for your organization.

Empower Employees With Latest Automation Tools

Make the most out of Office 365 applications by migrating to Microsoft Cloud to streamline operations and reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Segregate the employees of your organization into self-directed online teams to create shareable workflows on cloud and save the resources of time and money. It is a known fact that the staff feels more empowered when they are allowed to work the way they are comfortable with. Thus, it leads to a win-win situation when employees use the cloud-enabled applications of Office 365 to formulate business solutions ripe with value. On the surface level, this might not seem to create a lot of difference. However, when the workflows are evaluated annually, you would come to realize that it reduces the operational spans by about 30% of their past timelines. When results are delivered much ahead of their deadlines without any compromise in their qualities, relationships with retailers and global selling partners are automatically improved.

Seamless Collaboration

Marketers can collaborate in real-time by updating and sharing work plans, storyboards, creative briefs for streamlined business operations.

When collaborating with a large team, connecting over a cloud platform to maintain a human-to-human element is the wisest thing to do. No matter whichever part of the world your colleagues are located in, you can sit with them virtually and chat to discuss and execute innovative processes. In fact, when customers and their requirements are the most important components for a business, it must always prioritize their constantly changing retail experience at the forefront. This will help you derive valuable insights about customer experience at vital points of sales so that you can discuss them with your teammates and engage more people at sales, if needed, immediately.

Capitalize On Easy User Learning Interface

Migrating to and integrating all your data in cloud wouldn’t require any technical expertise and save time to amplify your brand’s value instead.

The learning interface of cloud technologies like Microsoft Azure is meant to offer immediate access to new marketers and accelerate their process of designing brand-building framework, creative briefs and marketing and media plans. Once the plan is rolled out, you can incorporate the required changes and have a chat with the team that put it all together, with just one click. By pairing Microsoft Power BI with Azure you can make sure that the data you are working with is clean and of high-quality. After it is thoroughly skimmed and assessed, the insights can be shared through real-time reports and interactive dashboards to drive business value.

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